Customer Service and Frontline

Customer Service Training (Service Excellence Training) - Port Elizabeth

Through this Customer Service Training (Service Excellence Training) - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - your employees will learn how to build the culture of great internal customer service, and thereby deliver outstanding service to your external customers.

Suitable for:   All Employees

Course duration:  2 days

NQF level:  4

Course content and outcomes:

Customer Service Training and Sales Training - Johannesburg

Customer Service Training, including Sales Training

Course Objectives:

    ✓   Increased sales and market penetration

    ✓   Improved customer relationships

    ✓   Customer loyalty

Suitable for:   Call Centre Operators, and all employees involved in sales and customer service

Customer Service Training and Telephone Etiquette Training - Johannesburg

This Customer Service Training and Telephone Etiquette Training Course - which is offered publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - will:

  • Ensure that all employees in your organisation focus on being service champions
  • Build customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Deliver increased bottom line results

Suitable for:   All staff involved in customer service

Course duration:  2 days

NQF level:  4


Did you know that your customers and visitors to your company are influenced by the first impression they get of your front line staff and receptionist. The conduct and professionalism of the receptionist will be a major deciding factor of how a customer will do business with your company in the future. Your company’s image is projected by your front line staff and receptionist. Their professionalism and front line image is key.

Call Centre Dynamics

Course Description
The best call centre technology in the world won’t improve your call centre’s overall performance if your call centre agents don’t have the skills to handle sales and customer service calls. Common problems are poor telephone skills, poor handling of the customer’s needs, inactive listening, and inconsistent adherence to business processes
Most organizations recognize that effective call centre training is the fastest way to boost revenues and reduce the losses associated with poor performance and productivity.

Course Content

Customer Care Skills 114974

This Unit Standard provides a broad introduction to customer services and includes both internal and external customers. The focus is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner's own context and experience of the world of work.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

• Explaining customer service.
• Engaging in an interaction with a customer.
• Demonstrating communication skills in responding to a customer.
• Processing a query in order to respond to a customer need.

Reception Skills

This is the ideal course for client facing staff that needs to acquire reception, switchboard and customer care skills.

Module 1: Reception
The Importance of the Receptionist
Qualities of an Efficient Receptionist
Dealing with People
Dealing with Visitors
The Reception Area
Dealing with Difficult Situations

Module 2: Switchboard
Types of Apparatus
Handling and Care of Apparatus
Dealing with Numerous Lines

Business Etiquette

“Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.” Will Cuppy

In life and in business first impressions as well as on-going interactions are critical because people buy from people. Employees’ appearance, attitude and behavior are therefore a direct reflection of your company and brand.

Whether it is appropriate dress or image, sending out professional business communication, wording an email correctly or having awareness about cultural sensitivities, having good business etiquette can give us the edge in almost every situation.



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