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Mastering Influencing Skills

Influence is a core aspect of every human interaction, from in-person meetings to long-distance correspondence, and everything in between. Whenever humans communicate, each is influencing, and being influenced by the other. The degree to which a person can exert influence in a given interaction is dependent on that person’s capacity to apply the techniques of influence.

Economic Indicators: Monitoring the South African Economy

The Economic Indicators: Monitoring the South African Economy short course teaches you how to use the available data sources and appropriate techniques to measure the macroeconomic performance of the South African economy. The central focus of the course is on extracting meaningful information from the different types of economic indicators available in the daily press and specialist data collection institutions. The course also deals with basic economic and statistical manipulation techniques with the aim of extracting information from raw data.

Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

The Econometric Analysis of Panel Data short course focuses on hands-on experience in the estimation, interpretation and evaluation of economic relationships within a panel data context. The course covers various models for analysis, including static-linear, fixed- effects, least-squares dummy variables, one-way and two-way error components, and the pooling of slope and intercept coefficients.

GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting

The GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting short course provides you with detailed and in-depth knowledge of the implementation and financial reporting structures of the Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) as required of all South African (and international) public sector entities.

Eskilz Private College

Eskilz Private College was established in 2002. We provide blended learning solutions to corporates to people with disabilities. This year we have launched the dataless elarning platform where all learners can study anytime, anywhere. We are accredited with all SETA's which means we can offer short courses, learnerships and training in all sectors, globally. We also provide all the correct documentation for you to be certified and claim back from SETA through your SDL spend.

Business Writing

Good writing is an important part of career success, yet few employees receive guidance with writing and formatting documents in the workplace. The objective of the short course in Business Writing is to assist you in acquiring a set of general principles for optimal communication in professional contexts. In this course you will be assisted to write correct, concise, clear and professional business documents in traditional and new media.

Starting MY business – Online and in my own time

This online course equips delegates with the necessary skills to start their own business, in their own time, customised to their own needs and aligned with their passion. Its not an 'off-the-shelf' offering, but customised to serve every delegate's personal needs. The approach is practical, opportunity driven and flexible (no textbooks, no boring cases). An online coaching service is offered to assist delegates to turn their unique business idea into reality.



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