Human Resources & Industrial Relations Training

Course in Basic Geographic Information Systems

This Course in Basic Geographic Information Systems short course provide you with essential theoretical and practical foundations to design a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project. Important skills that will be acquired during this course include: collection of data from various sources; building an integrated GIS database; analysing the data; and communicating the results. The course not only deals with the software but participants will also be able to do a GIS project using ArcGIS.

Business Rescue Decision Making

The Business Rescue Decision Making short course aims to expose participants to “rescue situations” and decision making to drive the turnaround process. Extensive coverage is given to operations, marketing, sales, human resources, strategy and management during a “rescue”. The course focuses on decision making and reflecting on the results of the decisions made. Through simulation and group work, two to three facilitators support and enable experiential learning.

Business Innovation 7 Development Strategies

Presented by a world authority on innovation management and practical application of innovation methodology in manufacturing, services and supply chain organizations, Prof Adegoke Oke (BEng., MBA, PhD) will provide delegates with insights into identifying and implementing innovative ideas, as well as fostering new and existing business relationships. The course combines theory with practice with the goal of equipping the delegate with a toolbox to handle a broad range of innovation-related issues.

Introduction to Mining

The Introduction to Mining short course is specifically designed to provide non-mining personnel who play a support function to the mining core and/or suppliers to the mining industry, with fundamental knowledge and insight into mining operations. Aimed at professional people who do not necessarily have a mining engineering degree or diploma, you can acquire a better understanding of the mining process through this course if you are already working on a mine, work for a mine supplier or own shares in mines.

Contract Drafting

Contracts are an inevitable part of commercial activity. Legal relationships are important in various sectors such as the construction industry, employer and employee relationships, purchase and sale transactions, credit agreements, etc. The way in a which a contract is drafted and interpreted plays a huge role in the execution of the obligations it contains. A deficiently drafted contract has serious consequences for parties to the contract and will generally result in material financial loss.

Introduction to African Customary Law

The Introduction to African Customary Law short course aims to introduce the scope, general and underlying principles and application of African Customary Law in South Africa to legal practitioners who had little or no knowledge and exposure to African Customary Law. Legal practitioners who need to be updated in this area of the law will also find the course beneficial and insightful.

Programme in Competition Law

Competition law affects nearly every aspect of business and this dynamic and relevant component of the law will become more important in a highly competitive business community. The Programme in Competition Law is a part-time training programme that will give you insights into, and a good foundation of, mergers and merger control, as well as the regulation of competitive behaviour in terms of the Competition Act 89 of 1998.



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