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Strategic Management Principles

The Strategic Management Principles short course covers basic strategic management principles, skills, and tools and is aimed at middle-management and business owners who require knowledge of strategic management. By attending this course, you will gain an understanding of the strategic management process including the use of tools for analysis, strategy formulation and implementation.

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Business Management

The Business Management short course will introduce you to the fundamentals of managing a business, including the techniques, processes and procedures so as to empower you with a sound business acumen. The course is an avenue to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of basic managerial competencies while acquiring the requisite skills for more effective workplace performance in order to boost organisational productivity.

Business Rescue Decision Making

The Business Rescue Decision Making short course aims to expose participants to “rescue situations” and decision making to drive the turnaround process. Extensive coverage is given to operations, marketing, sales, human resources, strategy and management during a “rescue”. The course focuses on decision making and reflecting on the results of the decisions made. Through simulation and group work, two to three facilitators support and enable experiential learning.

Business Process Management

usinesses experience constant pressure from competitors that forces them to continuously evolve, redesign, implement and manage innovative business processes. The Business Process Management (BPM) short course will provide you with an essential overview of the art and science of managing a business by exposing you to the basic concepts, tools and skills required (as well as the difficulties experienced) when introducing business process management (BPM) into an organisation.

Contract Management

The short course in Contract Management is ideal if you seek to acquire the necessary practical skills in effectively managing and administrating contracts for goods and services. Contract management refers to the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis for the purpose of maximising financial and operational performance while minimising risk.

Performance Management and Reviews WEBINARS

To gain understanding and awareness of the principles of effective performance management, and how to apply them
To empower delegates with the skills and confidence to manage challenging individual performance situations
To gain practical and effective communication skills and strategies for appropriate performance management
To be able to set effective team and individual targets and goals, and implement measures of success
To manage effectively the performance review process

Recruitment: Selection & Interviewing Skills WEBINARS

Although recruitment has always held an important place within organizations, the growing demand for highly skilled staff has meant that effective recruitment practices have now become a considerable source of competitive advantage. This practical workshop is designed to recruit effectively and to carefully select and interview potential candidates. In addition, participants will learn how to implement a supporting measurement system for the recruitment process.

Recruitment and the organization

The selection decision

Fraud Risk Management

The Fraud Risk Management short course provides you with a full awareness of fraud and corruption malpractice in support of developing fraud risk management strategies. As the extent of fraud and corruption is a major concern throughout the world, professionals at all levels of management in all organisations, industries as well as government departments must be vigilant. Internationally, steps have been taken to combat fraud and corruption on a broad front. This includes the establishment of international protocols and the necessary legal frameworks.



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