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College of Production Technology (Pty) Ltd

The College of Production Technology (CPT) originates from a synergy of educators and trainers with many years of experience in educating, training and business and thus provides access to a wide education and training spectrum.

Since the College of Production Technology was established it has successfully provided part-time courses to students of industry, in the fields of production technology, logistics, quality, work engineering, human resources, supply chain and strategic management.

Cheryl Carter & Associates (Pty) Ltd

About Cheryl Carter & Associates

As an Accredited Training Provider, we focus on facilitating intense small group training sessions.

Established in 2000 our emphasis is on promoting individual growth and development, whilst at the same time satisfying client requirements and industry standards.

Our skill set and expertise lies in Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution, Project Management and Personal Development areas. We have a wide range of clients and we train across all levels in organisations.

CBM Training

CBM Training was established in May 1999 with the aim of providing short duration, high quality and high intensity training courses to companies in South Africa.

Each of our courses is carefully researched with the market to ensure customers’ needs are identified and met.

The courses are of a highly practical nature providing skills that are easy to implement back in the work environment.

CBM Training has access to a faculty of 85 highly qualified consultants to deliver the courses.


Business Practice - 61755 NQF 1

Labour Relations Practice - 49784 NQF 5

Generic Management - 83946 NQF 3

Generic Management - 57712 NQF 4

Generic Management - 59201 NQF 5

Project Management - 50080 NQF 4

Business Administration - 61595 NQF 4

Contact Centre - NQF 2/3/4

New Venture Creation - NQF 2/4

Wholesale & Retail Distribution - 49280 NQF 2

Wholesale & Retail Operations - 58206 NQF 2

Wholesale & Retail Operations - 63409 NQF 3

Wholesale and Retail Supervision - 49397 NQF 4

What is the management representative role in a workplace committee?

Many members of workplace committees have no idea what's expected of them. They have been elected as members of the committee or have simply been appointed by management and their role and responsibilities are totally unclear.

For meeting to be effective they need to be planned and conducted in accordance with the plan and the predetermined agenda.
For this reason it is important that everyone involved is clear on what their role in the meeting is and what the associated responsibilities for that role are.

Competency based recruiting and selection

In today’s competitive job market, companies must spend time, resources and money ensuring the screening, interviewing and selection process delivers high-quality candidates who possess the required skills and competencies and who will produce the desired results.

25% of employees just show up to collect a paycheck
40% feel disconnected from their employers
66% do not identify with or feel motivate to drive their employers business goals and objectives

Understanding employee engagement

Employee engagement is more than a passing trend or something that is a “nice to have”. Employee engagement is a must today more so than ever before.

Engagement with employees can have many distinct benefits and any company prepared to introduce employee engagement in whatever form will have a clear competitive advantage.

However raising engagement levels and maintaining them, takes time, effort, commitment and investment – it is not for the half-hearted but cannot be overlooked or ignored.

What is employee engagement?



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