Industry Specific Training

Music Industry and Sound Technology Level 5


The area of employment for sound engineers/ technologists are mostly in the area of: Recording; Mixing, Live sound, Theatre, Mastering, Television, Broadcast, Film, Video, Multimedia, Monitor Engineers; Designers, Advisors, Commercial Producers, music producers who do not have any recognised qualification/s or have received their training abroad. The purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with the competencies required to manage functions within a sound technology workplace.

Design Foundation Level 4


The purpose of this qualification is to provide a foundation for a variety of design-orientated fields, in that the learner gains competencies in the generic processes of various design specialisations.

Recruitment and Selection Level 5


This unit standard is intended for people who recruit and select people for defined positions within an organisation or the personnel recruitment industry. Persons credited with this unit standard are able to prepare, recruit and select suitable candidates according to ability and potential within an organisation and through the personnel recruitment industry.


Graphic Web Design and Multimedia


The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Development, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Development at Higher Education Levels.

Information Technology (Systems Development)


The purpose of this qualification is to enhance readiness and provide entry into the areas of Systems Development at NQF level 5. It prepares learners for entry into the workplace or as undergraduate study in the Systems Development areas covered, providing them with the necessary knowledge needed for further study in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at Higher Education level.

Information Technology: End User Computing


The purpose of the qualification is to build the knowledge and skills required by learners in End User Computing. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required to operate confidently in the End User Computing environment in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment.

Business Analysis


Business analysis is a vital instrument within the business environment to ensure that information technology is able to provide effective solutions for business enterprises. The development of business analysts through a suite of qualifications will have a positive impact on the broader economy of South Africa. It will also assist with bringing South Africa in line with international trends and satisfy industry requirements.

The qualifying learner will be able to:



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