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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves neurology (how the mind works), linguistics (the use of language) and programming (the internal programmes that run between the mind and what we say). In essence it is a pragmatic school of thought.

NLP deals with influence:  how people relate and communicate to others, how they make decisions and how they prefer to be influenced, so it is particularly useful in selling.

MSC Business College - Corporate Training

Aha Training and Development


Every workshop kicks off with these words….. WHY?

Because we know what works for high retention rates in training and development. We understand the importance of personal development, team development and business development.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that people learn faster, smarter and better (they get the aHa’s) – if the right environment, tools, training innovation, facilitators, and training interventions are used.

Learning Material Design and Development


In today’s competitive environment, training and development need to be sharply focused on achieving and assessing very specific outcomes, while meeting the requirements of the NQF. This ensures that learning can be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation while learners gain qualifications that are nationally recognised.

Learning outcomes

Learners successfully completing this programme will be able to:

 plan a learning programme

 plan a curriculum

 prepare learning aids

Certificate: HR Management Practices and Support


Successful human resource management is the key to the prevention and solution of many of the problems currently facing South African business organisations and government institutions This qualification will be useful to people who support and participate in human resources management and practices.

Who should attend?


Health and Safety Induction videos serves to train and inform staff, visitors and contractors of the Hazardous processes, Hazardous material, noise zones or any potential hazards they may encounter while at work or during a visit to the site.

Such videos are equally necessary as they serve to orientate and induct the new staff within the organisation.




Is you company Legally compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the respective regulations?

SRA can assist with afforable Legal compliance Audits in your business.

Legal Compliance done for:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • EFT
  • Higher Learning Institutes
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Retail
  • Any Institutes

Eskilz College

Eskilz College began back in 2002 providing training and development for individuals and corporates. In 2012 Eskilz College changed its company structure to pursue it’s accreditation as a Private Further Education and Training College.

Eskilz College has it head office in Tongaat, Kwa Zulu Natal and has opened a branch in North Riding, Gauteng. Our passion remains in assisting people realize their full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education across a broad spectrum of sectors with the aim of strengthening the South African economy


This course focuses on assisting SHE persons in recording, reporting and investigating injuries and
diseases at work

Learner objectives
·Explain the basic knowledge of the Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Disease Act, 130 of 1993 
·Describe the standard procedure of the reporting of an occupational accident or disease
·Describe the compensation procedure for occupational injuries and diseases 


This course is designed to introduce new employees to the hazards and control measures at a
specific working environment.

Learner objectives
· Understand the statutory requirements at work [OHS Act and COID Act]
· Be able to identify and report on hazards and risks in their working environment
· Understand the importance of and apply SHE procedures and standards at work
· Become a team player in preventing incidents and complying with legal requirements

Creating a Successful Business Plan

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. Committing your idea to paper in the form of a business plan not only increases your chances of obtaining financing, but also in keeping your business strategically focused. With the support of your instructor and a network of like-minded students, you'll work through all of the major components of writing a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand. And most importantly, you will have completed the first--and most difficult--step on the path to small business success.

Introduction to Business Analysis

Give yourself an employment advantage by developing analytical skills that are consistently in high demand. This course will teach you powerful quantitative methods that will have you making better, more informed, and more effective business decisions. The days of making critical business decisions by instinct or coin toss are long gone. If you are planning a career in business, you cannot afford to miss this course!

Introduction to Statistics

Do you need an introduction to statistics or maybe just a refresher? Do you want to improve your understanding of data and use it to make decisions? This is the course for you!

With easy-to-understand examples combined with real-world applications, this course provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to start analyzing data. You'll explore how to use data and apply statistics to real-life problems and situations.

Research Methods for Writers

Attention all writers! Learn how to efficiently and effectively conduct research for any writing project: fiction, nonfiction, business . . . even term papers and dissertations. Modern research techniques are boundless. The trick is to know where to look and what to look for.

This six-week online course teaches the best methods for mounting a search on any subject.

You'll take a virtual guided tour of the library and how to maximize its precious resources, and you'll discover how to access public records, conduct successful Internet searches, and explore other similar treasure troves of information.

Knowledge and Information Management for Senior Managers

The Knowledge and Information Management for Senior Managers short course provides you with requisite skills to enhance your knowledge-based management capabilities by means of both an academic and practical approach to knowledge and information management in the public sector. The course focuses on topics of decision making and policy advice, implementing information systems based on needs and development analyses, as well as contributing to the creation and sharing of knowledge in the public sector environment.

Best Practice & Knowledge Manangement, Corporate Governanace & Ethics


This learning programme is intended for managers in all economic sectors. These managers would typically be second-level managers such as heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, who may have more than one team reporting to them.

Managers attending this training, will gain knowledge and insight on how to evaluate current practices against best practices, apply the principle of ethics and knowledge management.


Injury Prevention Specialist

Losing a client or having to stop training an athlete due to injury can be avoided.
•Market yourself as an Injury Prevention Specialist
•Enhance your current service delivery
•Improve your knowledge on common injuries
•Learn how to design a programme to prevent the development of injuries
•Learn about the effect of muscle imbalances & identification thereof
•Perform simple functional tests to evaluate your clients mechanics & predisposition to injury


The foundation of this course lies in Entrepreneurship. The candidate that would make a success of this course and a career in Business Management is the person that is motivated to start their own business. They have tenacity (the “bulldog-mentality” of not letting go), endurance and the will and enthusiasm to succeed.

Business Analysis for Business Intelligence

This one day class aimed at Business Analysts, Data Warehouse Practitioners, Project Leaders uncovers techniques to be utilized during the business analysis phase of Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence initiatives
Some of the topics covered:
• Introduction to Business Analysis
• Exploring Analytical Systems
• Basic elements of a Data Warehouse
• Operational Systems vs. Analytical Systems
• Architectural Approach
• Business Architecture
- Deliverables
- Providing techniques for doing this effectively

Executive Overview of Data Warehousing

This one day course creates awareness of Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence within an organisation. It discusses various Data Warehouse concepts foreign to non-data warehouse practitioners and the value of data warehousing is explored. A clear distinction is drawn between Data Warehousing solutions and Operational Systems.
Topics such as: Introduction to Data Warehousing, Components and deliverables of and Architectural approach, Importance of Business Requirements Analysis, Conceptual overview of Dimensional Modeling and more are covered.

Alicornio Africa

Alicornio Africa has established itself as a source of reliability, proficiency and professionalism when it comes to the transfer of knowledge and skills. Our technology independent courses taught by our experienced hands-on presenters are highly rated.


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