Labour Law Training

Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act

The Seminar on Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act provides a practical overview of the The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). POPIA gives effect to the constitutional right to privacy, enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. The right to privacy includes a right to protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information.

Labour Dispute Resolution for Labour Relation Practitioners

The Labour Dispute Resolution (LDR) for Labour Relations Practitioners short course is aimed at empowering delegates with knowledge and practical skills to participate in statutory labour dispute resolution procedures related to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and to deal with industrial action. You will gain knowledge and practical skills which will empower you as an applicant or respondent in conciliation or arbitration procedures before the CCMA.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management short course provides you with introductory skills and knowledge as human resources practitioner to effectively carry out your responsibilities in the management and/or processes of the human resources component of your organisation.

Labour Relations

The Labour Relations short course provides you with insights to the dynamics of the South African labour market. This is an essential competency in the volatile business environment in which contempory organisations function.

Advanced Course in the Management of Performance and Discipline

The Advanced Course in the Management of Performance and Discipline provides you with the knowledge and practical skills required to effectively and tactfully deal with poor performance and discipline (or possible dismissals) in the workplace as manager or human resources practitioner. The course will enable you to conduct impartial processes for handling issues or concerns about employees performance or conduct. The onus lies on trying to first solve problems of underperformance or misconduct before resorting to formal processes.

Employee Wellness

The Employee Wellness short course will provide you with professional training and advanced knowledge on Employee Wellness Programmes (EAPs), and is suitable if you have been tasked to promote wellness in the workplace.

Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes

The Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes provides you with the knowledge, skills and insights to become an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) practitioner in private companies, government departments or service-provider organisations. The course will enhance your knowledge of EAPs (including standards and instruments) to enable you to successfully promote wellness in the workplace, while aligning the therapeutic, management/ supervisory and M&E strategies of a planned EAP to an organisation’s goals and objectives.

Course in the Prevention and Detection of Corruption and Procurement Fraud

The Prevention and Detection of Procurement and Contract Fraud short course provides you with the requisite knowledge and skills to identify fraud and corruption, and to put mechanisms in place to prevent it from occurring, in the procurement and contracting of goods and services. The course aims to provide you with insights to procurement and contract fraud in a range of industries and the varying levels at which it occurs.

Performance Auditing

The Performance Auditing course is intended to inform internal auditors about how economy, efficiency and effectiveness apply to performance auditing. The course provides you with the practical guidelines required when carrying out performance audit engagements. Information such as the scope and objectives of a performance audit, performance audit methodology, and economical procurement of resources and efficient utilisation of resources are included.

Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners

The Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners short course familiarises you with the pertinent legal issues and consequent legislation of fraud and corruption. During the course, you will gain knowledge and insights to the nature of criminal conduct, the legal mechanisms used to obtain evidence, and other issues that must be considered when witnesses or suspects are interviewed.



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