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Initiating Disciplinary Hearings Training and Managing Discipline Training - Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth

Initiating Disciplinary Hearings Training and Managing Discipline Training

This Initiating Disciplinary Hearings Training and Managing Discipline Training programme is designed for Supervisors and Middle Managers who are:

Programme in Advanced Labour Law

A comprehensive understanding of the labour law regarding both employees and employers’ rights is necessary for human resources or law practitioners. An excellent understanding of the labour law is provided by our course in Advanced Labour Law and delegates will be enabled to correctly implement the law in their organisation. The course provides delegates with valuable insights into labour law at an advanced level and also incorporates the most recent developments in this field of study.

Union Rights and Negotiation (URN): Advanced Level

This course will equip delegates with knowledge and skills that are required to initialise and maintain collective bargaining structures within the provisions of the LRA, negotiating and implementing collective agreements in labour relations. The focus is on the collective bargaining process and environment, organisational rights under the LRA, collective agreements, general negotiation principles and strategies, and labour relations negotiations.

Labour Relations

The Labour Relations short course provides you with insights to the dynamics of the South African labour market. This is an essential competency in the volatile business environment in which contempory organisations function.

Programme in Human Resources Management

This programme is based on a systems-approach to Human Resources Management (HRM) and covers all the application fields of HRM. It aims to ensure that HRM practitioners will be able to operate more effectively in their organisations. This programme is a first step for HR practitioners to formalise their training in the field of Human Resource Management. It is in the process of formal registration with the South African Board of Personnel Practice (SABPP) (HR-ETQA).

Programme in Advanced Labour Relations Management (ALRM)

The Programme in Advanced Labour Relations Management is designed to provide labour relations practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills specifically related to labour relations management. The course provides you with an opportunity to develop specialist labour relations know-how and you will be able to gain first-hand experience through participation in case studies and simulated role-play that focus on modern South African labour relations.



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