Labour Law Training

Managing Performance, Discipline and Dismissal - Advanced Level

Employees are entitled to impartial processes for handling problems or concerns about their performance or conduct and preferably these problems should be resolved without resorting to formal processes. In some cases formal disciplinary and dismissal processes are the only solution and therefore a clear understanding of these is important. This course will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills that is required to effectively deal with discipline, dismissal and poor performance in the workplace - within the framework of the Labour Relations Act and applicable case law.

Labour Relations Management (LRM) Practice

Conflict management, knowledge of equity and fairness practices and communication and representation skills are a few of the key skills required for those working in labour relations management. These skills and many more will be acquired by delegates who complete our course in Labour Relations Management. The course will benefit labour relations practitioners and will equip delegates with the essential labour relations management skills that are required to effectively participate in typical labour relations management systems, practices and procedures at workplace level.

Labour Dispute Resolution (LDR) for Labour Relation Practitioners

The short course in Labour Dispute Resolution for Labour Relations Practitioners provides you with the requisite knowledge and skills for conciliation and arbitration in labour dispute enquiries before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). The course aims to equip you with insights to the legal requirements and guidelines in dealing with industrial action, as well as aspects of relevant legislation and case law as applicable to labour dispute resolution.

SEMINAR – How To Win At The CCMA

SEMINAR CONTENT: Ivan Israelstam presents the following Johannesburg Seminar:


Going to the CCMA or bargaining council can be a nightmare for employers who are not well prepared because South African labour law leans very strongly in favour of employees. For example, employers are assumed guilty of unfair dismissal unless they are able to prove themselves innocent! This seminar provides employers with the legal knowledge and practical strategies necessary for winning at arbitration. The seminar covers the following:

Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing

Aligned to Unit Standard: 10985
Credits: Aligned
Course Category: Labour Law

1 Day Course
8:30AM - 4:00PM


• Managers, Business Owners who are involved in disciplining of staff;
• Those who are responsible for implementing or ensuring adherence to Labour Relations legislation in the workplace;
• Anyone who needs to gain an understanding of the procedures to follow when dealing with transgressions in the workplace;
• Anyone required to chair a disciplinary hearing;


Initiating a Disciplinary Enquiry

Aligned to Unit Standard: 11286
NQF Level: NQF 5
Credits: Aligned
Course Category: Labour Law


• Supervisors, Managers, Business Owners who are involved in disciplining of staff
• All those who are responsible for implementing or ensuring adherence to Labour Relations legislation in the workplace
• Anyone nominated to chair prosecute or participate in disciplinary proceedings;


Shop Steward Training - Cape Town

This Shop Steward Training - which we offer throughout South Africa - ensures that Shop Stewards acquire the critical competencies to work between the workforce and management in monitoring fair treatment, and building sound working relations for all parties.

Course duration:  3 days

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Shop Stewards Training course, delegates will learn:

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