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Project Management Principles and Practices with Microsoft Project

The short course in Project Management Principles and Practices with Microsoft Project provides you with the skills to design, implement and manage basic project plans by means of proven project management software.

During the course, you will be able to use Microsoft Project as a tool to manage projects in your specific working environment and understand the role of the project support office to successfully complete your projects. Among other topics, you will also gain exposure to project lifecycles and phases, as well as initiating and defining projects.

Programme in Project Management (PPM)

With the Programme in Project Management (PPM) you will be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to manage projects professionally. The skills taught are applied in individual assignments that are performed in the workplace. The PPM is a well-established programme that is currently in its 24th year running, already having been presented more than 175 times. Thousands of delegates from a variety of industries and government organisations have successfully completed and benefited from the programme. The PPM is therefore well known in industry.

Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management

The Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management short course will introduce you to the general principles of railway infrastructure maintenance and the management thereof, as applied to the fields of track, traction power supply, signalling and rail-bound telecommunications, as well as its integration into a multidisciplinary approach.

Track Geotechnology

The Track Geotechnology Course provides you with a refresher and overview of geology, track loading and the fundamentals of soil mechanics as applicable in railway engineering, with specific reference to aspects of earthworks, subgrade, ballast and drainage. As railway engineer or technologist, this course will enable you to apply a sound working knowledge of soil fundamentals and its multilayered track substructure to the construction and maintenance of an operational railway track. You will also gain practical skills through the presentation of real-world cases.

Expanded Functions for Oral Hygienists (2000 scope)

he Expanded Functions for Oral Hygienists (2000 Scope) short course is specifically designed for Oral Hygienists (OHs) who graduated before the implementation of the 2000 expanded scope of practice.
The scope of practice has been amended and this course presents content on more dental services than you were originally trained to perform.
The Health Professionals Council of South Africa urges you to attend this e course in order to upgrade your skills.

Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge

The Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge short course will provide you with the required legal and working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (and relevant amendments) in order to apply for SANS–ISO 17020 certification, and thereafter Department of Labour approval as an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA).

Health Technology Assessment in Practice

Policy and decision makers need to make sound decisions on the organisation of the health service delivery system, types of interventions to be offered and the manner of service delivery needed to achieve the maximum health benefit for the public. The Health Technology Assessment Practice short course introduces the medical, social, organisational, ethical and economic implications of development, diffusion and use of health technology.

Course in Basic Geographic Information Systems

This Course in Basic Geographic Information Systems short course provide you with essential theoretical and practical foundations to design a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project. Important skills that will be acquired during this course include: collection of data from various sources; building an integrated GIS database; analysing the data; and communicating the results. The course not only deals with the software but participants will also be able to do a GIS project using ArcGIS.



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