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Meeting Skills

Learning Programme overall purpose: To provide learners with the required knowledge and skills to conduct a structured meeting
People learning towards this Unit Standard are expected to be competent in: • Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3
Learning Outcomes: At the end of this Workshop, the learner will:
Prepare for a meeting
Conduct a meeting
Deal with differing views in a meeting
Distribute records of a meeting
Articulation and portability with other courses and qualifications: Aligned to form part of:

CBM Training - A Secretary's Guide to Meetings and Minute Taking

An Executive-level Secretary is expected to fulfil multiple responsibilities, including the administration surrounding meetings. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of meetings, a secretary's role surrounding meetings is placed under the spotlight - one where criticism or compliments can abound.

A meeting, no matter how small or large, is not a success unless it is arranged perfectly - and clear, precise minutes are produced and circulated.

CBM Training - The Professional Executive Secretary Programme

Executive secretaries make their jobs seem easy. They assist their managers and organise schedules with confidence and aplomb. They fully understand their boss’s objectives while working closely and dynamically to support them. With remarkable communication skills, they are able to take on and handle projects on their boss’s behalf. They are always professional, competent and in control.

CBM Training - The Secrets of Success for Secretaries and PAs

Highly successful secretaries and PAs all have some things in common. They are seen as a super valuable resource to their bosses and they continue to surprise and delight their employers with the value that they add to all those around them. While solid technical know-how is of course vital in the role, there are some very key “Softer Skills” that a great secretary needs to master in order to become a truly valuable to their organisation.

Business Administration Services: Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC) and/or Learnership SAQA ID 61595.

This FETC programme can also be offered as a 12 month learnership programme.

Employers placing their employees on this learnership programme are eligible to receive a R16,800.00 tax rebate from SARS.

The cost of the course is R18,000.00>

Purpose of the Training

CBM Training - Better Business Writing - Skills, Principles and Techniques

Business people today communicate in writing such as letters, faxes, email, reports, minutes and memos. The effect of these communications can be improved if they are written clearly, concisely and in a readable way.

Whether you are drafting emails to colleagues or having to provide reports for your customers or managers, this intensive 2 day Writing Better Business Documents training course will provide you with easy to remember principles, suggestions and formats that can help you write better business documents.

CBM Training - Future Skills for 21st Century Secretaries and PAs

The fourth industrial revolution is underway and it will have an impact on the jobs that we do, and the skills that we need to perform them. Every wave of new technologies creates more jobs but also changes the way that current jobs are performed. Your continued success depends on your ability to embrace new technology and to adapt to an ever-changing working environment.

Office Administration Support


Today’s organisations have to meet ever-increasing demands and expectations. In order to do this, businesses have to ensure that their administrative support team is professional, flexible, proactive and confident in its role. This practical workshop aims to motivate participants to understand the impact of their work, understand the bigger picture and make a positive difference to both internal and external customers.

Drivers and Delivery Teams - Soft Skills

Delivery teams play a key role in providing both an internal and external service to the organization’s customers and staff. Emphasis is placed on the important requirements of this position coupled with having the right attitude and projecting a positive image. Dealing with customers appropriately, principles of time, problem solving and taking initiative all form part of this very practical training session.

Conducting Effective Meetings and Minute Taking Made Simple - Public and Onsite Training

The simple truth is that effective minute taking goes hand-in-hand with effective meeting management. Because you can have the most wonderfully run meetings but if someone isn’t accurately recording the outcomes, you quite frankly are back to square one…because no one is going to recall everything said and every decision made.

That is why this training course is a must – because in just 2-days you will learn everything you need to know about how to run and participate in effective meetings that produce positive results!

Minute-taking made easy

Having to attend meetings is the pet hate of many staff members…they view them as gatherings where hours are wasted and minutes are taken! Let us help you to simplify the planning process and maximise the results.

All writing associated with meetings is functional; its goal is to be understood and acted upon. Simplify the process by developing standardised professional formats for notices, agendas and minutes that your readers will find accessible and reader friendly.

Access Basics

Delegates will gain a good understanding of what can be achieved with databases within a business environment during this introductory two day course. You will work on an existing database, before planning and creating one of your own.
You will learn to create tables, and work with them. Develop forms that users can fill in on-line in an easy manner. Write queries to extract the information that you need. Then create good looking reports.

Minute Taking

Valuable time is spent in meetings and preparing minutes however minute takers struggle with tenses, grammar, flow of text, interpretation and paraphrasing. This practical workshop ensures that participants acquire the skill to accurately condense information by focusing on objections made, decisions taken and promptly compiling a course of action list to fast track action.


Introducing the subject

• Why are correct minutes important and binding?
• The role of the minute taker
• Types of minutes

Front Desk / Reception with E-mail Correspondence

The receptionist is the ‘window of the company’ and has one chance at creating the right impression in person, over the telephone or via
e-mail. This workshop will enable participants to increase their effectiveness in projecting a professional image, relationship building, information exchange, active listening, complaints handling and generating greater customer satisfaction and loyalty through maintaining a positive attitude.

Business Writing Skills

Course Overview

Fact: Business writing forms a large part of a person’s impression of the writer as well as the organisation. Poor business writing can lead to the downfall of a company.

We all know what good writing is. It’s the novel we can’t put down, the poem we never forgot, and the speech that changes the way we look at the world. Good writing is the memo that gets action, the letter that says what a phone call can’t.


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