Supervisor & Junior Management

Customer Service and Excellence

Customer Service and Excellence is a 2 day programme aimed at staff who deal with customers on a daily basis. The programme raises awareness of present team strengths and areas for improvement in terms of service; and then equips them to realise the level of service expected from the organisation. This programme can be customised to specific needs and used in conjunction with our Customer Service Perspective for enhanced results. Learners experience a shift in thinking and perspective which leads to changed behaviours, improved relationships and happier customers.

Conflict Management

Our Conflict Management programme is aimed at developing the skills, attitudes and approaches of all staff members to better handle conflict and deal with issues that lead to people and system problems. Conflict, negotiation and problem solving are related in this programme to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Supervisory Empowerment Programme

Real change, and true empowerment, is an inside-out approach. It’s not a tick-box exercise for compliance or spend. Empowerment has to awaken the potential of our genuine and best selves. Do that and we feel self-motivated and self-managed, truly equipped to perform at levels expected in the organisation.


ExecuTrain has been an industry-leading business training provider for over 30 years, delivering training based on each organisation’s specific business needs. ExecuTrain provides personal and professional development for companies large and small through the assessment, design and delivery of individualised learning. Our comprehensive, customer-focused solutions include instructor-led training and course development on both business skills and software applications.

Leadership Boot Camp

The Leadership Boot Camp is a series designed to help develop emerging leaders develop critical skills necessary for functioning as effective and productive leaders within an organisation.

Leadership Boot Camp benefits anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams, or managers who want to enhance their leadership skills development in order to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership for Supervisors and Junior Management


This course will provide leaders with a thorough understanding of the difference between management and leadership, the various leadership roles, the qualities of leaders, different leadership approaches and applying leadership techniques/styles to improve group dynamics. Learners who attend this training will gain a thorough understanding of these concepts and influencing tactics. This four-day course is particularly recommended for anyone who has recently taken on, or who is considering a new leadership role.

Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders


Team leaders, supervisors and junior managers who have acquired leadership skills are able to motivate staff, have knowledge of team dynamics and know how to communicate effectively.

This course is intended to assist team leaders supervising their teams, performing junior management functions and contributing to achieving organisational goals through their work teams.

This course helps team leaders exploring their roles in the organisation and understanding the concepts of authority, responsibility and accountability.

Supervisor / Management development programmes

Leader Development Programme
Environmental Impact Management Plan
Construct And Maintain Roads in Surface
Coordinate Surface Excavation Operation
Roles and Responsibilities of a Production
Supervisor in a Mining Environment
Understanding of Surface Excavation
Short Term Mine Planning
Health and Safety Principles
Causes of Falls of Ground
Problem-Solving Technique
Plan; Organise; Lead and Control Activities
Enhance Team Performance
Budget Function in a Business Unit

Health and Safety - Short course

Address Workplace Hazards and Risks.
Safety; Health and Environmental
Principles and Procedures
Investigation into Workplace Incidents.
Control Workplace Hazardous Substances.
Base Line Risk Assessment and Hazardous
Tasks Identications
ICAM for supervisors
Lead Investigator Training

People Management

Unless you are at the point of complete business automation, people will always remain your most important asset to ensure operational efficiency and drive strategic results.

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