Time Management Training

Sales Skills Training

Course Overview

Fact: It’s no secret that selling has changed in recent years. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, yet it is one of the most underrated and misunderstood.

The back-slapping sleazy, joke-telling huckster has disappeared and in his place is a new generation of sales professionals—highly trained and groomed, with the characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, and competence.

Stress Management Training

Course Overview

Fact: If stress levels are not managed effectively in the workplace, employees will become less productive and overall performance will drastically be affected.

This workshop will explore the harmful long-term effects of stress on our mental and physical health and provide suggestions for managing our individual stresses more effectively. Strategies may include changes in lifestyle, stress management techniques such as relaxation and exercise, and the use of music or humour as coping strategies.

National Certificate: Business Administration

■ Gather and report information
■ Plan, monitor and control and information system
■ Maintain booking systems
■ Participate in meetings and process documents and communication related thereto
■ Utilise technology to produce information
■ Plan and conduct basic research in an office environment
■ Coordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangements
■ Set personal goals
■ Function in a team and overall business environment
■ Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations

Training Force

Training Force is a registered training providerfocused on providing industry and job-speciöc skills assessments and training interventions that will equip people to access work opportunities across all industry sectors. Our training programmes are aligned with South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and accredited with SETA Quality Assurancedepartments.

Since our establishment in 2003, we have provided over 3 000 companies with training interventions that haveupskilled over 25 000 workers through our branches across South Africa.


This qualification is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Administration and is applicable to employed and unemployed learners. People involved in administration are known by such terms as secretaries, administrative assistants, administrators and clerks depending on the organization in which they are employed.

Learning Assumed to be in Place
 Communication at NQF Level 2
 Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2

Modules/Clusters Covered:

LifeLine Ekurhuleni

LifeLine Ekurhuleni (LifeLine) is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) which has, over the past 45 years, facilitated emotional wellness in, for and with thousands of individuals and communities throughout the Ekurhuleni Municipal Region.

LifeLine’s strength lies in its ability to engage across different age, cultural, language and education levels, and to empower individuals and communities to “do for themselves”. Our volunteers and staff come from diverse backgrounds and are well-trained and passionate about wellness, caring for others and making a difference.

Prioritizing your day with our new Time Management Online Programme


Introduction to time
Assumptions of time
21 assumptions we need to change on how to manage time
Time management is changing habits
Action Plan
Setting objectives
Analyse the use of your time
Deal with paper
How our behaviour affects our time
30 ways to make more time

Managing work
Stress management
Decision making

Effective Planning and Organising

This programme will help you understand the key elements of planning and organising and shows how they can be readily applied to a work environment.

It will assist in identifying and prioritising the tasks and activities needed to achieve both business and personal / professional goals.

Cost and Time effective E and M-Learning option available: / download the Mobile App on Google Play

Learn Ability

LearnAbility is an ETDP Accredited Training Provider that specialises in designing, facilitating, assessing and moderating services.

Time Management Training - Port Elizabeth

Through this Time Management Training - which is offered throughout South Africa - you will gain time management, planning and goal-setting competencies to achieve greater success in your personal and work life (Aligned to Unit Standard 242811: NQF level 4: 5 credits).

Suitable for:  All employees

Course duration:  1 day

NQF level:  4

Course content and outcomes:



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