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The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Software Developer. A Software Developer analyses a set of requirements, translates these into a working software solution using a programming language. They test, implement, and maintain software applications to meet client specifications as well as functional and technical requirements.

Course Overview

Fact: 7 out of 10 customers who switch to a competitor do so because of poor service.

There are two major reasons to deliver customer service: repeat business and happiness. Sales turn prospects into new customers. Service turns new customers into repeat customers. Service also makes customers happy! Happy customers are much easier to deal with than irate customers. This training program is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company's image or bottom line and make their own lives easier.

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight” - Carly Fiorino

Legal analytics plays a critical role in examining a legal professionals work - and data aids legal professionals in making strategic legal decisions.


    15 May 2024, 9:00 to 11:00 SAST

    Aim: A two-day workshop aimed at supplying the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, to prepare themselves as well as digital and written presentations, deliver these as well as read, respond and adapt to audiences. The emphasis of this workshop is on practical work. Content: Understanding your Goal when presenting, Understanding your Audience, Your Topic- understanding it from both sides, Preparing the presentation and the use of digital aids, Preparing yourself, Presentation Checklists, Synchronised Swimming as opposed to Drowning, Handling Challenges.

    The aim of this workshop is to help newly appointed recruitment staff to understand the role that effective recruitment practices play in the labour landscape. The delegate will learn the basic concepts and techniques that they will need to become a successful recruitment consultant.

    The course will consider the rules under the Consumer Protection Act and reg 44 of the Consumer Protection Act Regulations relevant to the control of unfair contract terms and unconscionable conduct.

    How the rules apply to business-to-small business contracts and franchising contracts will also be considered. Relevant case law by courts and the National Consumer Tribunal will be critically considered. Proposals will also be made on how the provisions in the Act and regulations could be improved.

    Join us for this three-hour course.

    Business today depends on several aspects of information technology.  It’s almost impossible to get ahead without computer skills.  If you have a wide range of these skills you’ll be highly employable, in a multitude of positions, in any business. 

    KBD- Keyboard Skills

    The following is a list of our Supervisor Training Courses run in South Africa. Please click on the relevant Supervisor Training Course.

    This course delves into the legal principles of reputation management for both individuals and corporate entities.

    Students will gain theoretical insight and practical skills to address events that may tarnish or misrepresent their personal or business integrity. Topics include the handling of personal insults, invasions of privacy, attacks on their reputation and injurious falsehoods. Participants will learn strategies to protect against and respond to threats involving their individual or corporate rights to dignity, privacy and reputation in the modern era.

    An Executive-level Secretary is expected to fulfil multiple responsibilities, including the administration surrounding meetings. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of meetings, a secretary's role surrounding meetings is placed under the spotlight - one where criticism or compliments can abound.

    A meeting, no matter how small or large, is not a success unless it is arranged perfectly - and clear, precise minutes are produced and circulated.

    We are all capable of getting angry – it’s a normal, usually healthy emotion. But when it gets out of control it becomes destructive and can lead to all sorts of problems. The key to approaching anger is to take responsibility for your own reactions and behaviour by addressing angry feelings with new coping mechanisms and responses.

    This programme greatly benefits those who need help controlling their outbursts of anger by learning how to recognise the signs of anger and how to manage it.

    About the programme:
    For a better command of computer literacy, this course will provide you with the necessary skills to take on computer assignments with confidence.

    Programme Offerings:
    International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)- Essential Computer Skills
    CISCO CCNA (Networking for home or small medium business and ISP)

    Course Delivery Mode:
    Part Time

    Course Duration:
    ICDL: 120 Hours
    Cisco CCNA: 80 Hours

    Admission Requirement:
    English Literacy

    Call Centre Training

    Call Centre Training

    Through this Call Centre Training - which is offered in-house, publicly and online throughout South Africa - your company will gain:

    MS Outlook Level 1

    A one-day course to introduce you to MS Outlook

    Prerequisite: Introduction to MS Office or Equivalent Prior Knowledge


    Customer Service Training

    Including Telephone Etiquette Training

    Customer Service Training

    New managers are often promoted due to their quality of work and not necessarily due to their management skills. This can leave new managers feeling out of their depth, in a position that is often challenging, lonely and frustrating. Management is a skill that is often only learnt through trial and error. Unfortunately, these errors can lead to lower productivity, costly mistakes and the loss of valuable staff.


    Upon completing this course, the learner should be able to: Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system Plan and prepare for moderation Conduct moderation Advise and support assessors Report, record and administer moderation Review moderation systems and processes

    Competency-based Selection and Interviewing Skills Training

    Competency-based Selection and Interviewing Skills Training

    Lessons we can learn from Ants to strengthen teamwork and improve organisational performance.

    This programme provides an opportunity for team members and organisations to build healthier, stronger relationships with one another, reaffirm their collective purpose, and plan steps to improve team effectiveness.

    In-Class Options Available

    Programme Duration:
    Online Option: 3x 4-hour MS Teams Sessions, with pre-work between sessions (over a 5-day period)
    Contact Option: 3x full days

    2 assessment options, please refer to the attached information sheet for more detail

    For a professional secretary striving for excellence, clear and concise communication between you and your manager/department is vital for success!The majority of your daily work consists of communicating with others, mostly in writing.

    To develop capacity of middle and senior managers to lead the function / business in turbulent times. Includes personal development and emotional intelligence.

    This workshop will answer the following questions:
    • What should I look like to lead?
    • What impact should I make?
    • What should I be thinking?
    • How should I be behaving?
    • What should others be thinking?
    • What can I do to get there?

    Who should attend:
    • Supervisors
    • Pipeline Managers
    • Aspiring leaders
    • Executives

    Join this free course which explores the current law of copyright in South Africa; the impact of that law on art, entertainment, and industry; and the ongoing debates concerning how the law should be reformed, also in the context of artificial intelligence.

    We offer an online option via Zoom or Teams includes facilitation, online coaching and training material. This is specificall for individuals who want to attend the programme. 

    The following modules are incorporated into the programme as an optional extra.

    Modern Day Leadership that inspires and influences people to be their best.

    Critical Communication that teaches the art of having those tricky conversations.

    Mastery and Emotional Intelligence that helps leaders understand their own and others’ emotions to build positive relationships.

    The ITIL® Foundation course is the entry-level certification course for IT Service Management Best Practices based on ITIL®.

    Participants will learn the principles and core elements of the Service Lifecycle approach to IT Service Management according to ITIL®.


    Property rates and taxes determined and collected by municipalities affect all property owners in South Africa.


    In order to achieve results, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface. This course will give you the skills to do just that through neuro linguistic programming.


    This introductory course will teach the basics of neuro linguistic programming (NLP). You’ll learn about key terms, the NLP presuppositions, the NLP senses, eye cues, enriched language, clean questions, and hypnotic language.


    Session One: Course Overview

    Session Two: Developing Rapport

    About the programme:
    Hands-on training courses that cover the main aspects of catering giving you the confidence and aptitude to operate within intimate and industrial scale kitchens

    Programme Offerings:
    Assistant Chef NQF Level 2
    Skills Programme: Kitchen Cleaner Level 2
    Skills Programme: Hospitality Waitroning Level 2

    Admission Requirement:
    Grade 9 (preference given to Grade 12) or have previous catering experience

    Course Delivery Mode:
    Full Time and Part Time

    Aim: To inform frontline and service or sales counter delegates on how to provide superior service in an in-house sales orientated environment, maximizing customer care in the interest of gaining customer loyalty. Content: Attitude and Aptitude, Determining Your Personal Vision, Customers- their expectations, Emotional vs. Necessary Purchase, DISC Approach from an Upselling Perspective, Simple Actions- Huge returns, Major Do - s and Don - ts, Practical Tools for Dealing with both Easy and Difficult Clients, Ensuring the Referral.

    Get the low-down on how to prepare rock-solid MS PowerPoint presentations that you or someone else will deliver.

    This 2 day MS PowerPoint Master-class will teach you how to produce a Powerful Presentation, alive with colour and images. This course will demonstrate Step-by-Step how to create MS PowerPoint presentations from start to finish including the setting up of charts, slides, graphs and effects using advanced features all the way through to producing attractive hand-outs for the speaker.

    Key learning areas covered during this course include:

    Are you ready to take charge of your administrative career? Our Office Administration Qualification NQF Level 5 is a comprehensive 24-month program that equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in a dynamic office environment.

    Key Features

    This webinar will clarify the meaning, purpose and effect of the standard clauses typically included in contracts, especially commercial contracts.

    It is intended to give practitioners a refresher on terms that are very commonly used but not always fully understood, such as: whole agreement; non-variation; relaxation and indulgences; severability; breach; governing law; force majeure; hardship; limitation of liability; confidentiality and restraint of trade; and so on.


    7 August 2023, 9:00-11:00

    Aim: The purpose of resilience training is to equip the delegate with useful information, practical skills and tools to build resilience in a personal and professional capacity. Through this process, the delegate should be able to use these skills to build trust and create positivity within a team. Resilience training is especially helpful to teams experiencing the stress of change and is an important part of change management.

    This course provides foundational level knowledge on security, compliance, and identity concepts and related cloud-based Microsoft solutions.


    CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE MORE: SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, And Identity Fundamentals

    Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are popular concepts, but they are often misconstrued and poorly implemented.

    Business and human rights (BHR) discourse emerged as a regulatory critique to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

    Against the backdrop of the increasing power, influence and control of businesses globally, but especially in the developing economies such as in Africa, this course blends theory and practical insights with an understanding of the complementary concepts of CSR, BHR and sustainability.

    Aim: To explain and demonstrate the need for- appropriate - behaviour. Assisting the delegate with deciding what is appropriate and informing the delegates as to the dos and don - ts of other cultures. Course Content: Etiquette- What is it? Personality, where culture, etiquette and personal preferences overlap, The Etiquette of Cross Cultural Communication, Time and Personal Space, Gender and Etiquette, Grooming, Generational Differences


    The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to function as an Internet-of-Things Developer. An Internet-of-Things Developer coordinates all components of an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that includes sensors, devices, actuators, networks, and other infrastructure to aggregate and disseminate data, store the data on the cloud and make it available to the data scientist for decision making, thus being responsible for the full cycle from data collection to data delivery.

    A qualified learner will be able to:


    Customer Service and Sales Training

    Customer Service and Sales Training

    Course Objectives:


    Project management is not just for certain industries or job titles. Most of us are expected to complete assignments that are not a usual part of our job and to get the job done well, within a budget, and on time. This course will share some project management techniques that can help you achieve your goals. We recommend that you complete “Project Management Fundamentals” before beginning this course.


    Customer Service Training for Managers

    Building a Culture of Great Customer Service

    Customer Service Training for Managers

    This programme will help you understand the key elements of planning and organising and shows how they can be readily applied to a work environment.

    It will assist in identifying and prioritising the tasks and activities needed to achieve both business and personal / professional goals.

    In-Class, Virtual and E-Learning Options Available

    Giving your documents a well-designed, professional look will put you a step ahead in the marketplace cluttered with all kinds of communications. Paragraph and character styles that allow you to format pages of text uniformly, layout features that help you to build alternate size configurations of your document, and various panels that enable you to easily customize both text and graphics; Adobe® InDesign® CC has all the tools you need to elevate the look of your document and get it out to the people who need to see it, whether it be in print or on the web.

    It is designed to raise moral standards as a counter to potential or real corruption within a business environment. The focus is on ethics and the learner, and does not include corporate governance.

    The qualifying learner is capable of:
    Explaining the concept of ethics in relation to property and personal rights.
    Describing the role of a code of conduct in a business environment.
    Applying different ethical principles in a specific context.
    Making a decision based on a corporate code of ethics.

    Prerequisites: None


    MDP provides innovative and practical ideas about critical management challenges facing mid-level administrators in the early years of their professional careers. The program encourages you to think beyond the confines of your own discipline and area of administrative responsibility

    Course Outlines:

    What are the characteristics of effective leadership in higher education institutions? How is an effective leadership team developed and managed?




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