CBM Training - Time Management Skills to Maximise Productivity

Even if you have demands placed on you by others, you can still protect your time management plan by diplomatically managing expectations. By carefully managing and planning for the tasks you accept, you will see how much more you get done, with less stress.

This intensive 1 day time management training course will show you how to dramatically improve your time management through better planning, prioritising, delegating, controlling your environment, understanding yourself and identifying what you should change about your habits, routines and attitude.

Key Benefits of attending this course:

* Learning to assess your priorities and workload so that you are able to set up a realistic work schedule and keep track of due dates
* Improving your efficiency and productivity in your job by applying the Pareto Principle
* Prioritising activities into long and short term goals so that each task has a realistic time-frame and can be planned properly
* Classing activities as urgent, important, both or neither and allocating your time accordingly ensuring that activities with the highest priority are attended to first
* Getting through your urgent tasks on time by learning to say “no” politely and mastering the art of delegating tasks to others
* Sharpening up your decision-making to ensure you spend less time procrastinating on irrelevant topics
* Being wary of “productivity” devices, programmes and gimmicks that actually waste time and take you backwards
* Preventing fatigue and getting through your work on time by learning how to keep your mental energy levels up
* Ensuring your time is spent productively and not wasted on irrelevant tasks by planning your time carefully and protecting your time plan


This course is available as both a blended training option (online) and classroom training option. The price varies dependent on the training option chosen:

Classroom – R 4 450 Ex VAT

Blended – R 3 850 Ex VAT


Please feel free to contact us for more information or to enquire about possible course dates.

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Contact: CBM Training
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Blended Blended

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1 Day


From R 3 850 excl VAT