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Skills Development in South Africa is governed under the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998, which has subsequently been amended a number of times. The national government's Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for managing and developing all higher education and skills development training. Learnerships are a key component of the skills development drive. With a Learnership the learner can gain a national qualification without having to pay study fees. The current Minister responsible for skills development is Dr Blade Nzimande.

As the world celebrates International Workers' Day, on 01 May, Afrika Tikkun (AT) emphasizes the importance of skills development and adaptability in today's rapidly evolving economy. Afrika Tikkun calls on workers to take charge of their skills development to remain relevant and valuable contributors to both their households and the economy.

Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, urges companies to seize this opportunity. He emphasises the need for readiness and suggests three key questions for companies to consider as they prepare for the transition.

In today's dynamic and competitive professional landscape, the concept of work readiness has emerged as a pivotal determinant of success for individuals entering or navigating the workforce. As industries evolve and demands shift, the ability to seamlessly transition from educational settings to real-world employment becomes increasingly crucial.

AI and immersive training experiences aligned with business goals are redefining the sector. New Leaf Technologies explains the future of L&D.

Well, well, well the year is about to end ... looking back at your goals for 2023, one would ask, were these achieved? Many people feel as if there is apparently not enough time in the world.

Skills courses are short learning programmes that focus on developing a specific skill or competency for a particular purpose. They are found in all fields, and can be offered by various providers, such as universities, colleges, companies, or professional associations.

Innovation often stems from a unique perspective and a fresh outlook on the future. This has been the driving force for the partnership between EduPower, a leading training provider and the branded merchandise company, JIMBU.

Even as South Africa grapples with one of the highest youth unemployment rates globally - with 8.9 million unemployed young people according to Statistics South Africa - traditional approaches to tackling the issue have been met with limited success.


As the annual budgeting season begins, many corporates are facing the challenge of the cost of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance, especially around Skills Development (SD), one of the highest spend-based elements on the scorecard.

No more than 20 years ago, the idea of virtual and augmented reality shaping the automotive sector would have seemed absurd. But this is indeed the “reality” that has come to pass. There are now systems in place that negate the need for a trip to the mechanic when a check-light illuminates on the dashboard.

Learnerships are becoming a popular way to develop skills and gain real work experience in the labour market. What is a Learnership? How does a Learnership work? We have the answers to your questions.

Engen has partnered with the Disability Economic Empowerment Trust (DEET) to launch an artisan training programme for 100 people with disabilities that will assist them with the skills required to enter the job market.

Most parents wish to provide their children with the skills, competencies and therefore education to become successful and accomplished in their careers.

“Youth Month is an opportunity to celebrate and amplify the voice of young people who can make an impact on the world…but we must strive for a supportive and inclusive environment!” This is the rallying cry of Engens' Thaba Tukela. 

In the modern workplace, there are certain skills that are highly valuable and can contribute to individual success. These skills promote a high level of professionalism and increase productivity in the workplace.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is a key focus area of Engen’s social investment, with all supported projects seeking to create sustainable value for all parties concerned. Amongst various success stories, Engen’s support of the Breede Valley Association of and for Persons with Disabilities (BVAPD) to drive a new skills-based project called WeMove is bearing fruit.

With the world facing an uncertain future of work, there’s a question on many parents’ minds: “Is my child actually learning the skills they need for the 21st Century?”


Skills training programmes play an important role in ensuring that people are equipped with the necessary skills to better develop themselves. This is particularly the case for South Africans living with disabilities.   

If you've got your eye on a promotion or are looking to better your skills set for the job market, undergoing training in a specific field or a specific skill can be helpful for your career in the long run, and will look good on your CV. 

As a company that is passionate about progress, Engen has launched a new skills development and learnership programme aimed at boosting the job prospects for youth and unemployed South Durban Basin community members.




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