Skills Development


Skills Development in South Africa is governed under the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998, which has subsequently been amended a number of times. The national government's Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for managing and developing all higher education and skills development training. The current Minister is Dr Blade Nzimande.

Youth Day in South Africa is a time when we reflect on how far we’ve come as a country and the challenges we face. There’s no doubt that there have been big advances in South Africa. At the dawn of democracy in 1994, 58% of public-school learners in Grade 12 passed matric, while in 2021 that figure was 76.4%.

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Soft skills are the personality traits that allow us to make friends and get things done, both at work and in life. These skills range from being a good listener to managing our time effectively. By building up our soft skills throughout our careers, we can enhance our professional relationships and maximize our opportunities for success. What is it that keeps us from getting what we want? And how can we fix it?

Soft skills can be hard to pin down. We all know we need to work on them, but we don't all have the same definition of what they are. A quick search online will turn up dozens of lists and articles with different definitions for soft skills, with many overlapping areas. But that's the beauty of soft skills - no matter where you are in your career, you can use them to propel yourself forward in your professional life.

The workplace is not what it once was. The pandemic accelerated shifts that were already gaining traction and, today, working environments are defined by increasingly hybrid arrangements, greater mobility and non-linear career shifts. Of course, these changes are also being accompanied by accelerated digital transformation and the rise of automation.

You know that there is a connection between resilience and well-being in the workplace. Resilient workers experience less stress, are more resilient and less susceptible to burnout, have better mental health, are less absent, and generally perform better than their colleagues who are not resilient. Luckily resilience is a skill that you can learn and develop.

Investing in your personal development is hard to do, at least on your own. A lot of us fail to see the importance of investing in our personal development. This is why many people are stuck with a job they hate and settling for a lifestyle that is far from being ideal.

The world has moved online. Everything we used to do in person can now be done from the comfort of your own home via the internet at a time that suits you. 


Learning something new can often be a daunting task for many, however, the skills you could acquire could quite literally change your life. 

The Management Essentials for New Managers short skills programme has been carefully designed to equip your managers with the skills to face management challenges and opportunities. It aims to empower your managers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage and motivate their teams and thus produce fantastic results (especially in a hybrid workplace). 

Every CEO, team leader, HR manager and L&D specialist, no matter the industry, wants to ensure the courses they develop to upskill and reskill their employees will not only keep them engaged and riveted, but also serve its objective of ensuring the right skills are learned and applied in their organisation.

Though the terms are close cousins, there are significant differences between upskilling and reskilling in the corporate world, and it's crucial to set them apart when developing your online training and e-learning programmes as they have unique objectives.

On 8 March every year, women's groups around the world mark International Women's Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Personal development and employee training are always viewed as a beneficial investment. No matter if you work for yourself or for someone else, you need to hone your skills and develop as an individual.

The internet has changed the way people live their lives, complete tasks, learn and interact with one another. 

It is estimated that only a third of adults in South Africa have completed Grade 12. 

Covid-19 has left its mark on the future of work and for tomorrow's graduates this demands a whole new approach to career planning.

Evolving technology and the impacts of Covid-19 have resulted in workplaces that are changing faster than ever. To keep pace with the rapid advances in the workplace and avoid skills shortages, almost half of employees will need to be reskilled with critical skills by 2025.

Khulisane Academy is a dynamic company that was established on 1 October 2003. The core focus of the business is to serve as Skills Development Professional in assisting business to comply with the Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act, NQF Act, EE Act and BBBEE Act and relevant regulations.

The effects of the pandemic on employees around the world are real. In the US, more than 24 million people resigned between April and September 2021 in search of better pay, new challenges and greater flexibility. In the UK, the rate of resignation has reached its highest level in over a decade and employers are complaining that they are battling to recruit and retain staff.