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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme Nsfas is responsible for assisting students from poor and working class backgrounds with financial aid so that they can study at a public university or a TVET College. To apply for the bursary you login on the NSFAS website and to check your status you can login in to the MyNsfas student portal.

The importance of NSFAS funding cannot be understated as more than one million students rely on allowances from the government bursary scheme to purchase food, stationery and pay for rent or transport. Challenges at NSFAS are threatening to undermine the objectives of the government bursary scheme. 

Over a million students depend on NSFAS allowances to cover essential costs while they study. An important announcement was made by the financial aid scheme. 

NSFAS has just confirmed another change in its leadership structure. The scheme has agreed to a "mutual termination" of its Chief Financial Officer's contract 

Thousands of students rely on funding from NSFAS to cover essential costs related to their studies including rent. The financial aid scheme has confirmed the payment of allowances. 

Thousands of students could potentially miss out on their June 2024 NSFAS allowances. They are urged to upload their banking details to prevent allowance payment delays. 

Thousands of students are eligible for the NSFAS transport allowance. However, challenges with the payment of these allowances could prevent students from attending classes regularly.

More than one million students rely on NSFAS allowances on their tertiary education journey. NSFAS confirmed that a new allowance payment system will be implemented in September 2024. 

Thousands of students applied for NSFAS missing middle loan. The scheme's administrator has revealed when students will know if their NSFAS missing middle loan applications were approved. 

Thousands of TVET college students will not receive their NSFAS allowances for May 2024 on schedule. This delay is due to many students failing the bank verification process conducted by NSFAS.



Thousands of students are set to receive NSFAS allowance payments over the coming days. This comes after NSFAS had completed bank verification checks of students. 

Thousands of students are expecting NSFAS allowance payments in May 2024. NSFAS has provided a progress update for May 2024 allowances. 

Minister Blade Nzimande's decision to dissolve the NSFAS board has finally taken legal effect. While this is viewed as a positive development at the bursary scheme, stakeholders are concerned about the potential impact it could have on students. 

Thousands of TVET College students receive funding from NSFAS. The financial aid scheme has called upon students to take action to ensure they receive their May NSFAS allowances on time. 

Millions of students have obtained tertiary education qualifications with the help of NSFAS funding. The scheme is calling on its beneficiaries to repay the money they received. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has been in the headlines recently due to leadership changes and funding disruptions. NSFAS is issuing another update regarding student allowance payments.

There is an ongoing debate about whether the current NSFAS accommodation allowance caps allow for adequate support. Some stakeholders argue that these caps don't reflect the true cost of living near universities, particularly in metropolitan areas.

Attention TVET College Students in South Africa! Don't miss out on financial aid for your Trimester 2 studies. Students are encouraged to apply for the comprehensive financial aid from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. 

Budget cuts have forced NSFAS to make difficult decisions regarding funding allocation. The financial aid scheme's defunding of postgraduate qualifications has landed them in court.

The importance of the NSFAS accommodation allowance cannot be understated as many students cannot afford to pay rent near their learning institutions. However, unpaid accommodation allowances have put some students at risk of eviction. 

An investigation into allegations of corruption against key NSFAS personnel found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. However, a former NSFAS official will face disciplinary action.




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