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There are different Seta Learnerships available at different times in 2023.

There are no costs in applying for a Learnership programme - and what makes it such an exciting opportunity is that you will be paid while you are doing the Learnership. This is because they were designed with unemployed youth in mind. So if you can't afford to pay study fees you should apply for a Learnership now!

Learnerships combine workplace experience with formal training so you will develop skills, get a formal qualification, and have real work experience. There will be a training provider or college attached to the Learnership that will give you the formal learning part. Learnerships are specifically designed to assist unemployed learners.

Learnerships For Unemployed Graduates

Learnerships are always linked to a qualfication, and these qualifications can be at any level on the National Qualifications Framework - or NQF. That means that Learnerships are also suitable for graduates who have recently qualified with other qualifications. The length of time depends on the level of the Learnership but it usually happens over a one year contract period.

Building Company Learnerships

There are many Learnerships available in the construction sector but these will be linked to projects so they aren't available all year round.

Road Traffic Law Enforcement Learnerships

Another popular area to embark on a Learnership is for Traffic Police officers. Many municipalities will run Traffic Officer Learnerships with their Metro Police from time to time. These Learnership programmes are run by the Transport Education and Training Authority.

Apply Now For Your Favourite 2023 Learnership Programme

Learnerships are such a great option so don't delay - apply today!






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