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There is an obvious self-interest in being able to persuade other people to act or believe as you wish them to. It is thus worthwhile to invest the time needed to learn the skills necessary for powerful, effective and persuasive communication.

The National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations, addresses skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions.

The qualifying learner will have access to opportunities for further development and training in specialized areas of Wholesale and Retail, such as: 

  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Merchandising
  • Stock control – specialized area
  • Customer service
  • Visual display merchandising
  • Help desk operations

Outcome1: Occupational Learning

Outcome 2: W&R Concepts

The aim of this programme is to provide learners with practical coping strategies to better manage the stress in their life in order to lead a well-balanced life that will enable them to reach their full potential.

In-Class, Virtual and E-Learning Options Available

This module covers deed of sale,the importance of deed of transfer,mortgage bonds and more.

Corporate governance procedures help a business become more efficient while reducing both risk and the potential for corruption and mismanagement.

Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training

The following is a list of our disability awareness training courses - which we run throughout South Africa. Please click on the course for your region.

Aim: The purpose of resilience training is to equip the delegate with useful information, practical skills and tools to build resilience in a personal and professional capacity. Through this process, the delegate should be able to use these skills to build trust and create positivity within a team. Resilience training is especially helpful to teams experiencing the stress of change and is an important part of change management.

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

The following is a list of our Conflict Management Training and Conflict Resolution Training courses run in South Africa:

The Microsoft Power Platform helps organizations optimize their operations by simplifying, automating and transforming business tasks and processes. In this course, students will learn how to build Power Apps, Automate Flows and extend the platform to complete business requirements and solve complex business problems.


Sales people have been around forever. Traditionally their role has been to make a product or service known to prospective buyers and lead them towards a purchase. Nowadays, all of that information is available online and by the time your product is relevant to a prospect, they already know both about it and your competitor’s offerings.

Purpose of ProgrammeTo Unlock, Develop and Refine the capacity of individuals to lead diverse teams in demanding timesWho is this aimed at?Team Leads or Managers supervising software and/or System Engineers on or off-siteProgramme OverviewDelivery Approach Per Module (x8):* 1 x 4-hour session per week for 3 weeks on MS Teams* Includes one on one session with a professional coachModule Assessment:Assignment is completed in parts, one part per week and submitted in soft copy the last week of the monthProgramme Duration8 months - 1-module per month Public and In-house options availableProgramm

The Standard Operating Procedures for the investigation, search, access or seizure of articles (data/computer programs) has been published and it governs the procedure that the South African Police Service will use when seizing electronic evidence.

This programme is customised with specific business related information per clientDURATION: 5x 2-day sessions plus 1x individual presentation (11 days)TARGET AUDIENCE: New EmployeesOUTCOMESCreate new employee “buy-in”.Achieve realistic work expectationsImproved work integration through skills equippingBuilding accurate insight to companyDeveloping self-management abilityReviewing & improving personal wellnessUNIT STANDARD ALIGNMENT118028: Supervise customer service standards12153: Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment10170: Demonstrate understandi

This Shop Steward Training - which we offer throughout South Africa - ensures that Shop Stewards acquire the critical competencies to work between the workforce and management in monitoring fair treatment, and building sound working relations for all parties.

Course duration:  3 days

Course content and outcomes:

Through this Shop Stewards Training course, delegates will learn:

The Managing Microsoft Teams course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Teams Admin role. Microsoft Teams admins configure, deploy, and manage Office 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams that focus on efficient and effective collaboration and communication in an enterprise environment.

About the programme:
If you are passionate about travelling, a career in tourism is for you. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in South Africa, providing an ever-increasing contribution to South Africa’s economy. You could choose to be based in an office, booking flights and organising accommodation or guiding tours and engaging with tourists.

Admission Requirements:
Grade 12

Course Delivery Mode:
Full Time

This workshop is designed to assist the learners with the approach and skills necessary to enter competitive sales or buying orientated negotiations. It gives the learner a structured approach to the theory of negotiation easily enabling them to recognise tactics used against them and assisting them in gaining clarity on their own goals, thereby enabling better outcomes. A comprehensive approach to negotiation, this workshop can be presented over one days training. This workshop combines well with the presentation skills training workshop to form a two day training session.

Customer Service Training for Managers

Building a Culture of Great Customer Service

Customer Service Training for Managers

Qualification ID: 61595 – NQF 4Duration: 5 ½ Days over 12 MonthsCredits: 140This RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Learnership allows companies to enrol more experienced administrative professionals (minimum of 3 years’ work experience and Matric) on a programme that consolidates and recognises their work experience. Delegates attend 5 assessment preparation workshops where they take part in guided discussions and assessment briefings designed to assist them to complete Portfolios of Evidence on their administrative skills.

Get the low-down on how to prepare rock-solid MS PowerPoint presentations that you or someone else will deliver.

This 2 day MS PowerPoint Master-class will teach you how to produce a Powerful Presentation, alive with colour and images. This course will demonstrate Step-by-Step how to create MS PowerPoint presentations from start to finish including the setting up of charts, slides, graphs and effects using advanced features all the way through to producing attractive hand-outs for the speaker.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

In recent times the purchasing function has come under scrutiny. Organisations are evaluating whether their purchasing and supply chain management processes really "add value" to the company. More proactive companies are recognising that the supply function plays a role that is becoming of vital importance to the company's success.

This Unit Standard specifies the knowledge and skills required to manage a budget within the organisation. This Unit Standard is intended for junior managers of organisations.

The qualifying learner is capable of:
Explaining the concept of budgeting pertinent to an area of responsibility.
Determining the elements of a budget relevant to an area of responsibility.
Monitoring and controlling actual expenses (and revenue), against projected budget.

Labour Law Training

Labour Law Training

Our Labour Law Training Courses are offered throughout South Africa – Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth -

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to:

Managers, who attend this 1-Day Workshop, will demonstrate:The “bigger picture” to communication in the workplace.The ability to convey the company brand and values through communication to various role-players.WORKSHOP CONTENTExplaining business communication at the Manager level (Pipe-Line concept)Case studies: Personal communication moments & consequences exploredProactive communication; win:win principle (S Covey)Brand-based communication; language type and formValue-based communication; includes communicating facts and feelings professionally with respect, with care and with integr

Minute Taking

Minutes are a tangible record of a meeting for its participants and a source of information for members who were unable to attend. Stick to the facts, and Avoid jargon.


Course Description One of the key qualities of successful leaders is the ability to coach effectively. This popular course, delivered to organisations, looks at the strategic roles in the organisation as well as developing core skills in mentoring and coaching. The course helps people enhance core skills and it also examines challenges and issues that mentors and coaches face whilst identifying strategies to meet these challenges effectively.

Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

Duration: 4 days


Build teams to meet set goals and objectives, ID 15237
Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment, ID 114925
Empower team members through recognising strengths and encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks, ID 15224
Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions, ID 12140
Manage a diverse work force to add value, ID 252043(* ID 15233 if part of the full National
Diploma in ODETD Practices)
Interpret and manage conflict within the workplace, ID 114226

Today both office professionals and marketing people are expected to multi-task their daily duties, as well as plan, coordinate and run events without any formal training whatsoever.

Course Outcomes

Upon completing this course, the participants should:

Dealing with difficult, upset or angry people is a part of life and a part that most of us will encounter on a daily basis. If you are constantly dealing with 'unhappy' people at the office, it can result in you dreading the thought of having to go to work. The stress that builds up may ultimately cause you to stop concentrating on your daily tasks - impeding your productivity.

Managing the disciplinary process has become an integral part of every manager and supervisor’s daily function. If not done properly, the organisation could end up having to defend their actions in the CCMA or Labour Court with costly and embarrassing consequences.

English proficiency
Grade 11, NQF L3 or an equivalent


A small business financial manager is able to manage the finances of a small or medium-sized business, using basic skills in accounting, reporting, and finance and costing. Read & understand business financial documentation in order to ask bookkeepers the right questions to keep business on track.

Available as a learnership


ENT1 – Entrepreneurship 1
BKTB – Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
BUSL – Business Literacy

This intensive 2 day Using Excel for Advanced Financial Management training course has been developed to introduce financial people to the many ways that Excel can be used as a support tool for the financial function.

The Excel for financial managers course is filled with practical exercises that show delegates how to get the most out of Excel with the least additional effort.

Key areas that will be covered on this intensive 2 day course include:

This unit standard is intended for people who recruit and select people for defined positions. Persons credited with this unit standard are able to prepare, recruit and select suitable candidates according to ability and potential. This unit standard can be applied across both the formal and informal sectors.

Course Description
The best call centre technology in the world won’t improve your call centre’s overall performance if your call centre agents don’t have the skills to handle sales and customer service calls. Common problems are poor telephone skills, poor handling of the customer’s needs, inactive listening, and inconsistent adherence to business processes
Most organizations recognize that effective call centre training is the fastest way to boost revenues and reduce the losses associated with poor performance and productivity.

Course Content

This is the ideal course for client facing staff that needs to acquire reception, switchboard and customer care skills.

Module 1: Reception
The Importance of the Receptionist
Qualities of an Efficient Receptionist
Dealing with People
Dealing with Visitors
The Reception Area
Dealing with Difficult Situations

Module 2: Switchboard
Types of Apparatus
Handling and Care of Apparatus
Dealing with Numerous Lines

It is no longer a competitive advantage for you to just have great customer service.

This module covers the basic principles of public relations, the communication process, forms of communication, public relations and the mass media, public relations strategy and more.

Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment: 115753

In this course, you will assess your current emotional intelligence capabilities, determine your
strengths, and identify areas for improvement. You will examine how emotions affect behavior and
how those behaviors impact your relationships with others. You will also develop strategies for managing
the emotional energy in yourself and others

Aim: This unit standard is intended for those individuals who are responsible for displaying merchandise visually in a wholesale/retail outlet where there is some freedom to merchandise within the provided broad guidelines or parameters. Content: What is visual merchandising?

Course Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants should be able to:

To negotiate successfully, the initial planning and research work has to be excellent.  After this has been completed, a simple, effective process must be followed in order to achieve set objectives and goals.

A learner should have a minimum AET Level 3 competency in English


The curriculum framework for Foundational Communication in English describes the English language skills, processes, knowledge and practices that will help people deal confidently and successfully with formal occupational training which is delivered mainly through the medium of English, and uses training materials in English.

Elements and Outcomes:

Element 1: Reading

Quality hiring decisions build profitable and successful companies.

Topics Inlcude: (1) Developing Sharp Interviewing Skills (2) Legally Safe Interviewing and Hiring (3) Conduct More Effective Interviews (4) Streamline the Process and Make Better Hiring Decisions.

In-Class, Virtual and E-Learning Options Available




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