How ethical are we? Do we even care about our reputation? These are the kinds of big questions that the African Public Relations Association (APRA) seeks to answer

Employers may believe that by using a fixed-term contract, they will avoid having to permanently employ a person. However, this week Ivan Israelstam explains how an employer can inadvertently guarantee a temporary employee a reasonable expectation of further employment.

Following last week's article on the definition and legal consequences of entrapment, this week Ivan Israelstam explains other illegal and unethical practices, which may be used at disciplinary hearings. Under pressure to achieve a dismissal, supervisors and managers may be tempted to use these practices.  However, as Ivan explains they are highly likely to backfire on management.   

Speaker after speaker at Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's official memorial service have paid homage to her unrelenting fighting spirit, which earned her the title of Mother of the Nation.

All parents want the best for their children. We take care of them and see to it that they are safe, fed and educated.

Some of the fastest growing sectors, such as engineering, are still considered to be dominated by men. But there are things women can do to get the recognition they deserve.

How ethical are we? Do we even care about our reputation? These are the kinds of big questions that the African Public Relations Association (APRA) seeks to answer; providing valuable insights for all leaders in Africa.

This month at Higher Self, we are paying homage to a very special, magical group of people, the little people, our children, our little geniuses and their excellence and lifeforce

What exactly is entrapment and is it legal for an employer to entrap an employee? What is the difference between entrapment, and trapping? Employers who are not trained lawyers may well find this all very difficult to understand and end up on the wrong side of a CCMA decision. This week Ivan Israelstam explains what an employer needs to do in order to prove that they have acted legally and fairly in a dismissal.

Freedom fighter Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela will be laid to rest on 14 April 2018, during a state funeral.

In common law employers and employees have the obligation to treat each other fairly and within the law. What does that mean? This week Ivan Israelstam explains very clearly what the obligations are for both employers and employees. The CCMA arbitrators and the Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court judges will not take kindly to parties to do bring forward an accurate account of events, or are shown to have not met their obligations. 

On 18 January, ewn.co.za carried reports showing that parents of school children feel they have failed them because they are not digitally

I start most of my coaching sessions with “mindset shift work” and use, amongst others, principles gleaned from the Neuro-Linguistic Programming framework to inform my methodology



At a hearing arranged to discipline an employee both parties are entitled bring witnesses. These witnesses may come from inside or outside the workplace. The accused employee has the right to cross-examine the witnesses brought by the employer. Ivan Israelstam explains further.

When an employee is intoxicated by alcohol and is driving or using equipment, this can potentially constitute a danger to themselves or to others. This week Ivan Israelstam quotes some cases, which indicate that the CCMA arbitrators are not necessarily consistent in their decisions So how should employers respond?

Environmental Affairs Minister, Dr Edna Molewa, says transformation of the biodiversity sector is a necessity in a changing world.



Sometime in January a very enterprising young man reached out to me via the Facebook Higher Self page. Prince is a 20-year-old Electronics and Electrical Engineering student who has achieved more in his two decades on Mother Earth than most people do in a lifetime.

"Don't miss the arbitration hearing! It may well continue without you." Good advice from Ivan Israelstam this week. But what should you do if you didn't receive the notice of the arbitration hearing? Ivan explains how to proceed with a rescission application.   

Cultural thinkers will gather next week to look ‘beyond the creative economy’ at the South African Cultural Observatory’s (SACO) 2018 international conference in Port Elizabeth.

Deputy President-designate David Mabuza was among several ANC and opposition leaders, who were sworn in as Members of Parliament in Speaker Baleka Mbete’s office in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced who is in and who is out when he selects his national Cabinet.

I think I speak for all of South Africa when I say President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address (SONA), on 16 February, was truly inspiring.

At some time or other, most employers are faced with the decision on whether dishonesty by an employee warrants dismissal. This week Ivan Israelstam explains what the Code of Good Practice Dismissal requires employers to take into account. Ivan also explains the importance of mitigating factors that need to be taken into account before an employer makes the decision to dismiss.


When the Wonder Women movie was released, I didn’t expect much of it, but I was delightfully surprised by the portrayal of this superhero.


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