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SETAs have bursaries available and you can receive one if you are studying at a tertiary institution.

The Fasset Seta has bursaries available for young people studying full time for certain courses.

The Seta is doing this to support learners and to achieve their goal of making sure there are enough graduates to work in jobs where there is a shortage of skills. 

Even if you have some funding for your studies, it is always useful to get additional support and funds often run out before the end of the year.




Government internships are a great way to get work experience and it looks really good on your CV to have worked for government.

Limited opportunities are available throughout the year, but the Departments of Labour and Health are recruiting now.

For full details of all the internships available CLICK HERE

A police internship is a great way to get experience with the SA Police, or SAPS as it is known.  Members of the police are respected in society and contribute to developing our democracy.

An internship with the police can lead to a long and successful career in law enforcement.

As well as the possibility of leading to a career in the police, an internship can also lead to jobs in traffic police, municipal police or private security.

There are many different internships available with the police.

Click here for current internships

Would you like a career with the military? Apply for the Military Skills Development Programme which is open once a year for all arms of the military.

This includes the Army, Air Force, Navy and Defence Intelligence.

The Military Skills Development System (MSDS) is a two-year voluntary service system which is aimed at affording young people skills, which could assist in their quest for employment in the job market.

 Young recruits are required to sign up for a period of two-years, during which they will receive Military Training, further Functional Training and skills training.


Click here for full details on the Military Skills Development Programme



Learnerships are available now to become a Traffic Police - as well as freight handling and many more.

There are no costs to you in applying for these learnerships.

Another advantage with SETA Learnerships is that you will be paid each month. They will pay you a stipend.


If you want valuable work experience then internships are perfect for you. Many different internships are available now.


January is the time to apply if you want to study at a college or university. There are hundreds of different colleges, universities and higher education institutions that are accredited by the government and offer diplomas and degrees.

if you want to study for a degree in Gauteng the options are not just UJ and Wits. There are 34 different institutions where you can study for a degree.

To find a degree, diploma or other qualification that is suitable for you Careers Portal Courses Database to search through the options.  All of the colleges and institutions listed are accredited and registered by the government.

So don't delay and miss out when the colleges are full!

Mancosa is a national higher education provider that is accredited and registered to offer a wide range of degree and diploma courses.  It has 12 learning centres and more than 10 000 students have studied with them.

Even better news is that they have bursaries available to study with them. But you have to apply before the 18th January!



Bursaries are available now for studying to become a teacher with the Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme. 

The Funza Lushaka is probably the most popular bursary available as it covers multiple years and you can study many different subjects.




If you still want a place at a varsity or college in 2019 you should apply via the government's Central Application Clearing House - referred to as Cach. This is the official way to apply and express your interest in the type of course you would like to study. Rather than having to apply individually to each university or college, the Cach will match up your interests with the courses available.

Univerisities and College do not accept 'Walk in' applications - which refers to people who turn up at the college asking for a place of study.  In the past this has lead to very long queues, and someone even died in the queue. So don't go in person, you must sign up via the cach website.

 Click here to apply online

Government internships allow you to get valuable workplace experience at a government job.  

If you are successful in your internship you could get a full time government job which will pay a much higher salary. 

Government internships are available now with the Department of Energy, Department of Transport, SanParks and the Office of the Chief Justice.

If you have friends and family who would be suitable for an internship please share this message with them.

To see if you qualify Click Here To Select The Government Internship You Are Interested In



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