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These opportunities to take part in internships, learnerships, bursaries and other training programmes are closing soon.

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Trusted Interns is a platform for first-time job-seekers and early-career professionals to explore opportunities and get discovered by employers. 

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to fill out some information about yourself, your education and your past work experience (this shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes). Once complete, you’ll gain access to a jobs board for internships and grad programmes that you can apply for directly.

Employers can also invite you to apply to their positions as they have access to job seekers profiles.

These are some of the internships that are currently available.

Digital Designer

Digital Advertising Sales Executive

SETAs have bursaries available and you can receive one if you are studying at a tertiary institution.

The Setas do this to support learners and to achieve their goal of making sure there are enough graduates to work in jobs where there is a shortage of skills. 

Even if you have some funding for your studies, it is always useful to get additional support and funds often run out before the end of the year.

* If you want to study at TVET College or varsity there are bursaries available from Teta. You can get funding for a National Diploma, Advanced Diplome, BTech or a Bachelors degree.




Do you need funding to study further? The cost of higher education is a stumbling block for many students but there are now more ways to access financial aid.

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) is a public-private partnership that seeks to fund poor and middle class students in the higher education sector.

ISFAP focuses on providing financial support to students who wish to pursue careers in Occupations of High Demand. These careers have been identified by the Human Resources Development Council as critical to the South African economy.

According to the HRDC actuaries, accountants, artisans, engineers medial doctors and pharmacists have all been classified as crucial occupations.

Who can apply?

Students that are eligible for ISFAP funding are applicants from families whose annual income is between R0 - R600.00.00 per annum. Applicants must be South African citizens.

Unisa is the most popular university in South Africa with nearly 400 000 students studying there.

They offer short courses and full degree/diploma courses.  

Applications and registrations are open now for certain courses.

Which courses are you interested in? Click on a link below:





Do you need funding for your studies? The government has made financial aid available to students through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) but there are conditions for funding.

Many students find the NSFAS application process to be complicated and slow. To simplify the process we've shared the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from current and prospective NSFAS students.

Do I qualify?

Before you continue check out the eight requirements to qualify for a bursary at NSFAS

After you've established that you are eligible for this bursary you can further your understanding about the NSFAS process by reading through the questions below.

The cost of higher education has sky-rocketed over the years and more students are finding it impossible to fund their studies without some help.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS) administers funding on behalf of the national government to students in need of financial support.

Each year government allocates a substantial amount of money toward the higher education and training sector in order to promote equal access to education and developed a diversified and skilled workforce.

However only students who meet the necessary criteria will be selected to receive a NSFAS bursary. To find out if you are eligible check out this list of requirements offered by the NSFAS website.

Registration is open now at Unisa for undergraduate degrees.

  • Undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, diplomas & degrees, advanced certificates, advanced diplomas, BTechs & postgraduate certificates):
    • New & returning students: 10 - 28 June 2019
    • Students awaiting results: 16 July - 8 August 2019

Click here to register for an Undergraduate course

Government internships are a great way to get work experience and it looks really good on your CV to have worked for government.

Limited opportunities are available throughout the year, but the Departments of Defense, Police Directorate, Eastern Cape, Road Accident Fund and the KZN Goverment are recruiting now.

For full details of all the internships available CLICK HERE

Would you like to be a teacher? It is a great career as you get to help in developing our country by teaching the next generation. 

The other positive is that there are bursaries available to cover all the costs of getting the degree. Even if you later in life want to change careers you are in a godo position as you already have a degree.

There are many different areas you can specialise in so there is something for everyone.

Click here for details of the Isasa Bursary Scheme