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SACAP student

Across South Africa, thousands of successful matriculants are about to embark on a new and vital stage of their educational journey.  It’s widely recognised that gaining some kind of tertiary education enhances young people’s opportunities to find fulfilling work and meet their future career and life goals. 

sassa officail on referred link risk mobile status

The Post Office has released the payment dates for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) for the month of February. However, not everybody that applied for the SRD has been approved for payment.

matric students studying for supplementary examinations

Many learners who were not satisfied with their matric results, may want to improve their results. However, not all of these learners will qualify for the upcoming supplementary examinations. 

Minister Angie Motshekga want to scrap rotational learning

Learners in coastal provinces returned to class last week. However, schools with limited capacity means that many learners are still attending school on a rotational basis.

Submit UIF sign

Losing income can be extremely stressful. This stress can be compounded if you don't receive the relief you are entitled to from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

employees in a workplace training meeting

When we look at the world of work, it’s easy to peg the changes and developments we’re currently witnessing on Covid-19. It was the pandemic, we say, that prompted the move to remote working. It was the pandemic that made us invest more heavily in virtual systems and processes, and to prioritise the skills that help people to work independently.

Sassa official and february R350 grant payment dates

The South African Post Office has released the payment dates of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants for the month of February.

online school

ADvTECH, South Africa’s leading private education provider, says it supports government’s intentions to create the conditions to regulate and quality assure the establishment and maintenance of online schools in South Africa, and looks forward to working with relevant authorities to ensure measures introduced will lead to an improved and quality educational experience

Labour compliance inspections taking place at business

The Department of Employment and Labour are currently conducting a blitz to check on the compliance of businesses in the hospitality sector.


Skilled workers who can adapt to changing job requirements often have greater financial security and earning potential. Scarce skills protect a worker from being replaced by technologies, since new technology can replicate some of the tasks that scarce skills perform but cannot replace the worker possessing those skills.



Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is an explicit commitment by the South African government to promote economic transformation and enhance the economic participation of black people (African, coloured and Indian people who are South African citizens) in the South African economy.

Post Office wont distrubute SRD grant on these days

Millions of people qualify to receive the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant every month. There are however some days next week on which grant recipients will not be able to collect their money.

Girl studying for may/july supplementary matric exams

Hundreds of thousands of matriculants received their results last week.  However some will want to improve their results during the May/June supplementary examination season.

employment contract

Have you been offered a job? Congratulations! Before you start there are some things you definitely need to know, and don't assume your new employer will tell you.

Employment contracts serve as a record of your employment terms. Your written contract also legally indicates that you agreed to the terms and conditions of your work.

employment contract signing

When you have accepted a job offer from an employer, the first thing you should do is to review the employment contract. It's important to read the contract carefully and fully understand it before you sign.

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Generally, upon resignation or dismissal, these are the payments you can expect should you resign:

If an employee has worked 24 hours or more for an employer and no contractual terms are applicable, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Act 75 of 1997, as amended) requires minimum notice periods before employment can be terminated in writing.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act gives us the notice period terms. See below:

According to section 40 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), it is clear that payments must be made to an employee upon termination of employment, and this includes outstanding leave pay.

The South African Labour Guide mentions, Section 20 (5) (b) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) states clearly that "the employer may not require or permit an employee to take annual leave during any period of notice of termination of employment.”

If you fall ill while you are on your annual leave, you will need to visit a doctor and obtain a medical certificate certifying that xxx date to xxx date the employee was medically unfit for work.

Annual leave is accrued means that the number of days to which an employee is entitled to leave starts at zero and increases with the passage of time as the leave cycle progresses.

So at the start of a leave cycle an employee will have zero days leave due to him/her.

According to The South African Labour Guide, an employee is entitled to 21 consecutive days annual leave on full pay in every leave cycle.

Despite the misconception that it is not, yes non-accredited courses are still usefull.

Non-accredited courses are many times completed in a shorter period of time and although not accredited, you still learn valuable knowlegde and skills. You are able to refine your skills and enter the job market with skills that are beneficial.

Training Provider Articles

Suzanne Hattingh

The 4IR and COVID-19 have forced us into a new reality that requires the re-examination and restructuring of South Africa’s post-school skills development system so that it is fit-for-purpose to prepare the workforce for the new world of work.

Suzanne Hattingh

Programme accreditation is a form of quality assurance which is practised in many countries and is usually associated with purposes of accountability and improvement in programme quality.

In South African the Council on Higher Education (CHE) is responsible for quality assurance in higher education.

The Mindspa Institute

Baby Boom co-workers are stuck in a job on a level for years and a millennial counterpart arrives and gets promoted to a managerial position within a year of his/her employment. Can you understand why there is some resentment and combined feelings of fear and disappointment from the Baby Boomers?


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Important, YES IT IS!

What are Facilitation Skills and Why Are They Important?

Eskilz College offers an interactive learning experience to help anyone study from anywhere.

The marketing sector is growing and so are the number of career paths available to qualified professionals.

Do you enjoy working with numbers?Why not analyse data and statistics for the benefit of the organisation.

Or perhaps you have the gift of the gab? You can use your skill to pitch products and services to clients and boost company profits.

Resource Articles

Do you want to know where the money is? Check out the five highest paying jobs in South Africa.

If you are deciding on a career path, it might help you to learn more about your job prospects after you graduate or qualify to work in your chosen field.

If you’re looking for funding for your studies, you probably know you need to go through NSFAS if you qualify.

You may be a little confused as to how to apply though, so here’s a quick guide on how to apply for NSFAS online.

Thinking of studying at Unisa? Now is the time to apply for the academic programme of your choice.

According to Unisa's Website, "Everyone wanting to start a new qualification must apply for admission. This includes first-time Unisa applicants and Unisa students changing to a new qualification."