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ZA Wit Training aspires to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary training institute in South Africa.

ZA Wit Training prepares students to succeed in meaningful careers, find employment in their chosen field and have the skills necessary to have an immediate impact. It provides an exceptional educational experience centered on high-quality practical instruction and a relevant curriculum.

ZA Wit (Pty) Ltd is a Skills Development Provider which was incorporated in 2012 offering professional training and human resources services to organizations of all sizes and the services have been impactful within the private and public sector.

ZA Wit endeavors to see a return on investment in the form of increased representation of employees notably those with a disability in our economy. To address the skills gap particularly of persons living with disabilities that remain significantly underrepresented in our economy, ZA Wit  endeavours to upskilling and reskilling of both unemployed and employed people especially marginalized groups to improve human skills.

ZA Wit an accredited training provider by Media Information Communication and Technology (MICT) Seta, an authorized partner CompTIA and Microsoft to provide various IT related qualifications

ZA Wit Training is a champion in experiential learning and works directly with employers to make sure students can network effectively and develop in a professional manner throughout their studies, we aspire to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary training institute in South Africa.

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Short Course Articles

person doing a short course

A short course refers to learning that combines both practical and theoretical skills. It opens up many doors of opportunities for students to learn about a specific industry in a short period of time.

Unisa hosting an open day

Enrolling in a short course is a great opportunity for you to improve your knowledge, skills, within a specific field as these courses are designed so that you can easily apply new skills to your work or use them to find a better job.

Woman sitting on couch with laptop

For many decades, global organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have espoused the many advantages of lifelong learning for individuals, businesses and institutions.

Are short courses an asset to the skills development landscape or do they detract from the learning process? Des Squire looks at the value short course and skills programmes bring to the education platform.



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