What can I learn through a short course?

Do you want to improve your current skills or learn something new? A short course is a great way to do both.

Short courses can consist of either introductory or advanced level material depending on the aim of the programme.

The length of a short course can vary, ranging any where from 2 days to 12 months. This allows learners to choose the programme that best fits their schedule and study needs.

Despite all these benefits many people still don't know what they can achieve through a short course.

So what exactly can you learn in only a few days or months? Here are a few ideas for first-time or post graduate students.

What: Entrepreneurial Training

Where: Gauteng
Who: Media Works

Do you want to take your small business to the next level? This course is targeted at literate and semi-illiterate business owners in the informal sector. Many informal business owners have little formal education and are therefore excluded from mainline training. This course provides the required skills in a manner that suits the learner. Each course is designed to run for approximately one week. All course material is in English but skilled facilitators are able to present it in any language of choice.

What: Coaching Skills

Where: Gauteng/ Western Cape
Who: Khulisane Academy

Do you have a desire to help others reach their full potential? Why not join the 3 day coaching programme offered by Khulisane Academy. The purpose of this programme is to equip potential mentors and coaches with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to guide and support learners. Participants will learn the roles and functions of a coach. They will also learn practical skills such as monitoring learner progress, analysing needs, maintaining learner records and more.