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As the 2017 cohort of South African matriculants live out their final school days and consider their options as the newest wave of young adults, they are being challenged by a popular social media campaign to show the country that they have the power to create change.

Graphic design is a field that is all about visual communication. It is about creating fresh, clean looks for brands and most importantly, it is about creating visuals that are going to attract the attention of the target market.

There are not many people who would say NO to a lovely meal. Beautiful food brings a calm and pleasing atmosphere to the table. Throw in a glass of wine and boom, you’ve classified lunch or dinner as an event.

Most people believe that they will speak up when something negative happens, but in reality few actually do. Helene Vermaak, Director at organisational culture experts The Human Edge says that if employees do not speak up when they are frustrated, or see something that isn’t appropriate happening, there can be real consequences for the organisation.

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?’ This is one of those standard interview questions that always gets asked. But when was the last time you actually sat down and thought about this question with regards to your own life and career?

With long hours spent meeting the needs of a large number of customers, contact centre managers are required to consistently lead a successful team of agents.

We all have 24 hours day but how we use those 24 hours makes all the difference. In this article are time management hacks, to help you as a manager, become more effective in your role and to use your time well.

Juanè Cronje from Die Hoërskool DF Malan in the Western Cape secured the number one spot in the Grade 12 division of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA’s) 2017 National Accounting Olympiad with a score of 92.5%.

Organizations looking to operate successfully have realised that they need to contribute to and invest in infrastructure, training and education within the countries where they operate to facilitate an increase in local talent capable of filling the roles that companies create.

A survey conducted among nearly 2 500 South African students has revealed that 91% of respondents would feel more confident about their finances if they were taught about financial planning while at school.

Progression partners with NPO Siyakwazi in community development initiative.

INTEC College staff dedicated their time to serve food to the homeless through their food drive initiative titled ‘Fill the Gap’ at the Milnerton Lighthouse and the Grand Parade in Cape Town City respectively.

A new online portal offers learnings and lessons on socio-economic development, from leading South African companies, at no cost.

A large managerial role entails making people work, driving productivity and reducing inefficiencies. Part of making people work is making work for people.

Leading private education provider, Educor Holdings will be hosting its first Academic Advising Research Conference on Friday, 6 October 2017 at the Premier Hotel in Pinetown.

To harness the power of blockchain technology for the continent, we need a new generation of highly skilled professionals to drive its application. South Africa will soon see a first-of-its kind intensive skills building boot camp and hackathon to achieve just that.

When the light bulb dies, do you trash the whole lamp? Hopefully not. It’s the same with employees.

What do you do when you’ve identified a short course that will expand your personal and professional skills, but you don’t have the money to fund it? If you’re working at a company, then this is how you can convince your employer to pay for your studies.

What is Big Data and how does it relate to Bitcoin and the Blue Whale phenomenon?

Following two successful years of its on-campus postgraduate Psychology Honours offering, SACAP (the South African College of Applied Psychology) has announced that the full study programme has now been made available online.

False Bay TVET College hosted its most successful Open Day yet on 18 and 19 August 2017. Hosted across the College’s five campuses, the programme featured two days of exhibitions and activities for young and old.

The evolution of the plastics industry over the last 10 - 20 years has been rather substantial, and in the coming decade, manufacturing pressures will only intensify further as plastics manufacturers ability to reinvent themselves remains pivotal both for the survival of the industry and for consumers ever growing appetite for better products.

There is a South African proverb that reads “a fool is a wise man’s ladder.” South Africans are privileged to live in a country with so many diverse cultures.

“Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms.” 

The momentum of change continues to build. If you or the organization you work with is not prepared for ongoing change then you risk the possibility of being overwhelmed and left behind on the Superhighway of life.


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