Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

Walking into a new office or taking over a new team, is daunting, especially when you are the new boss. New faces, smirk attitudes and the judgment in everyone’s eyes can be a bit overwhelming.

Thinking of studying at Unisa? Now is the time to apply for the academic programme of your choice.

People increasingly use social media for personal and professional purposes. Concurrent to this is the ever increasing use of social media platforms by companies to promote their businesses and brands.

Would you like to become an artisan? What is an artisan? There is a huge demand for qualified artisans in South Africa and now is a good time to pursue this line of work. But what is an artisan? Let's find out.

The world’s top companies are increasingly introducing mindfulness practices into their organisations to help employees reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and attention, and ultimately enhance productivity - and South African companies are starting to follow suit, a leadership expert says.

Building resilience is one way we can all reduce our stress at work and contribute to a more mentally healthy workplace. 

Going back to the classroom can be intimidating but the benefits of being an adult learner far outweighs the discomfort.

Paarl Media, the print division of Novus Holdings, pledged R100 000 to Wildlands, to support their “Greening your Future” programme, and help grow the local green economy within the Mahogany Ridge community.

The Mindspa Institute, proud training partner, developed a series of motivational workshops presented to their toll-gate operators, route patrol drivers, comms clerks and other operational staff.

We all have crucial conversation moments, in the workplace, at home and in social gatherings.

It is unusual to speak of honesty in terms of corporate advantage. Unfortunately, recent developments suggest honesty for honesty’s sake may not be enough to ensure principled conduct in all corners of the corporate world.

There is a growing repository of literature focussed on the challenges that businesses face when dealing with the millennial generation - whether as consumers or employees.

How do you produce a qualified, competent learner? This 5-step training cycle helps assessors equip learners with the skills they really need.

QS Community Scholarship winner, Kelechi Ezeozue, talks about his year of youth service in rural Nigeria, and his plans for the MBA.

To remain competitive, management has to constantly have a firm understanding of organisational processes, systems and data.

Good communication skills are the building blocks of professional success.

The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and The School of Government at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) have launched a post-graduate qualification in public sector financial management aimed specifically at senior managers and chief financial officers (CFOs) at municipal and public sector departments in South Africa.

By merely glancing at a green rectangle for two seconds led to improvements on creative tasks, German researchers discovered.

Computer literacy is an incredibly important life skill and forms part of the curriculum at the Open Air School. Through a recent generous financial injection by Correll Tissue, the school is now able to further invest in much needed technology for the learners, to provide them with an improved digital education experience.

New research shows every conversation failure costs an organisation between R100 000 and R200 000 and more than seven workdays.

The hiring process is a complicated one. And for good reason. You obviously want the best employees for your business. Which is why you check potential candidates’ references, take a thorough look at their CVs and interview them more than once. You want to be sure you’re choosing the best person for the job and not just the person to come along.

Since the very first modern employee-manager relationship, the world has debated the various leadership styles available.

Renewable energy can open up a world of possibilities but it can also cause destruction without the proper regulation.

It's the natural order of things that every generation seeks to challenge their elders and to prove themselves capable of assuming the role of leaders in their community and for their generation.

Technical report writing is easy if you have the right training, tools and techniques.


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