Vocational Training Goes Online: Greater Accessibility For Prospective Students


In recent years, the value of vocational training has been under the spotlight in South Africa, given the practical nature of this study path which provides quick access into a wide variety of fields. Due to the increasing popularity of vocational training among prospective students, a leading college has now expanded their offering to the online space, to increase accessibility to a number of their courses.



Oxbridge Academy, a leading South African distance learning institution which forms part of ADvTECH, SA’s largest private education provider, says the move will ensure that access to a high-quality education is increased for thousands of prospective students for whom university study is neither a desire nor an option.

Siyavuya Makubalo, Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy, says online courses provide practical training that prepares students for a specific job function or a trade, with a great emphasis on the skills and knowledge required for a particular occupation or industry.

“In today's world, online study has emerged as a compelling and practical option for prospective students. With advancements in technology and the ever-expanding digital landscape, online education provides numerous benefits that make it a viable choice for South African students, particularly because it offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing students plot their own learning schedules and access course materials at their convenience.This flexibility is particularly valuable for individuals who have other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities,” she says.

 “This is why we moved to expand our courses, which are highly respected in workplaces throughout the country, to make them more accessible to even more students.”

In addition to providing students with a foot in the door into a specific career field, Oxbridge Academy Online also provides the ideal opportunity for working people to expand and build upon their skills efficiently and affordably, while studying in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.

“We have already received great interest since the launch last month of Oxbridge Academy Online, in particular for our Digital Marketing and Courageous Conversation courses.”

Courageous Conversations is a unique offering in the local market, that equips employees and leaders to communicate more effectively in the workplace, and enables them to prepare for engaging in conversations that could be seen as difficult or uncomfortable, says Makubalo.

“And among young school-leavers in particular, Digital Marketing appears to be a very popular option, because it allows the individual to move into either a professional environment, or start their own business.”

Oxbridge Academy Online offers a range of courses covering Business Management, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Occupational Health and Safety, Personal Development, Project Management and Software Development.


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