UNISA is South Africa's largest university when judged by the number of registered students.

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Unisa offers a comprehensive range of qualifications, including vocational training and academic degrees, many with international accreditation. Many have now been asking: when will Unisa 2025 application season start?

Finding out that the programme you are currently enrolled in is being phased out can be distressing for students. South Africa's largest university has revealed the way forward for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work Programme.

Unisa is the largest open distance learning university where students decide what their schedule looks like. The University has now opened Unisa Semester 2 applications for the 2024 academic year.

Allegations of corruption have surfaced against a senior official at South Africa's largest university, who also holds a position on the board of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Thousands of students will graduate from South Africa's largest university over the next month. Unisa has confirmed its 2024 graduation dates. 

South Africa’s largest university will investigate thousands of students for alleged plagiarism and cheating during examinations. Thousands of students are set to be investigated. 

As the 2024 academic year starts, thousands of students will be registering in academic programmes at institutions of higher education around South Africa. The registration period for the country's largest university has now been extended.

The recent Unisa exams saw a significant number of student participants. The university has now revealed the timeline for releasing the exam results.

Student representatives at South Africa's largest university have rejected calls from labour unions calling for the institution staff to work remotely. Several reasons have been provided by students. 

The National Student Representative Council (NSRC) has emphasized that Unisa students will encounter no obstacles during the registration process for the academic year 2024, particularly in light of the extended registration period announced by Unisa.

Unisa has now opened their registration period for their short courses which are referred to as Short Learning Programmes. Applications for these Unisa short courses are open as well.

Time is running out for those interested in joining the Unisa for the 2024 academic year. Unisa wants to make sure everyone knows that the deadline for applications is nearing its end.

South Africa's biggest university has announced that although all results have been disclosed, the grades for a specific module will only be accessible to students later this month.

South Africa largest university has provided its students with a comprehensive guide they need to follow if they don't want their exam results to be withheld. Here's why Unisa will withhold results. 

​​​​Whether you aspire to enhance your expertise in your current academic field or explore a new area of interest, short courses offer a versatile and effective means to attain these goals. Unisa provides an extensive range of short courses.


To enroll at Unisa, you must complete an online application and ensure the submission of the required documents for your application to be considered complete. For those inquiring about the process of submitting these documents, here are some answers.

South Africa's largest university has revealed its online registration dates for the 2024 academic year. The institution expects thousands of students to register. 

Unisa has unveiled a fresh student application. The newly introduced Unisa Student App grants users the capability to utilize administrative functions and stay informed through communications from Unisa.

Students at South Africa's largest university are currently receiving their examination results. They will receive exam codes which may require them to take action. 

Students enrolled at South Africa's largest university are set to receive their results in December. However not all students who participated in exams will get their results. 




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