Cindy Payle

Part content manager, part online writer Cindy oversees the flow of information on the Portals.

Her journalistic skills, harnessed over years of online writing, is used to assist clients publish quality content.

If you want to be a great writer there are certain language rules you need to follow. Learn from the experts and refine your writing skills.

Unisa's application window for the 2020 academic year will soon open giving first time students an opportunity to reserve their seat.

Unisa offers a range of undergraduate qualifications in seven major fields of study.

Online learning is flexible and convenient but in some ways it can be more challenging than regular training programmes. It requires you to be extremely disciplined and focused.

In an effort to ramp up skills development in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges R150 million has been allocated from the National Skills Fund.

Is the expense and stress of a higher education really worth it? Here are four benefits of studying further that may not have crossed your mind.

Private providers are invited to join an informative workshop which will explore the current status of international courses and the qualifications to be offered in SA.

Do you feel like you've reached a plateau in your career? Perhaps it's time to upgrade your skills.

Do you have work experience but lack the qualification to back it up? Recognition of Prior Learning is an excellent way to get your expertise accredited.

"Many of today's skills won't match tomorrow's jobs." So how do we prepare for the future of work? By adopting the practice of lifelong learning.

The unemployment epidemic has affected South Africans at every level but research shows the most vulnerable groups in society continue to bear the brunt.

Do you want to earn a sizeable salary one day? Then the banking and finance sector is the place for you.

Despite the massive push to transform the image of TVET colleges it seems businesses are still hesitant to hire these graduates.

Subjects like coding and data analytics will be introduced at primary school level in order to prepare South Africans for the new world of work, says President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Is a BCom the right study path for you? This abbreviation is often thrown about in Grade 12 classrooms but what does a BCom qualification mean?

What changes can South Africans expect within the higher education sector with President Ramaphosa at the helm?

Professional roles are changing at a rapid speed but nowhere is the pace of work moving faster than in the IT sector.

It's that time of year again when high school students start to seriously consider their college applications. Here are some insights to help you secure your place.

Mind mapping is still one of the best ways to organise information and memorise new material.

Can't find a job? You're not the only one. The unemployment struggle is real in South Africa right now so learn to accept what you cannot change and change the things you can.

Do you have the skills South Africa needs? A mismatch between skills and jobs has been noted as one of the leading causes of unemployment in SA.

Organisations and individuals are being forced to think differently about the concept of employment.

Unisa has opened mid-year applications for its Short Learning Programmes (SLPs).

Technology has changed the game and every industry and sphere of life has been affected. Even our language has been forced to make room for new words and terms that describe the digital world we now live in.

The sharing economy is a quick, convenient and affordable way to share underutilized assets.


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