Occupational Certificate: Artificial Intelligence Software Developer


The purpose of the Occupational Certificate: Artificial Intelligence Software Developer is to prepare a learner to operate as an Artificial Intelligence Software Developer. Artificial Intelligence Software Developers build Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality into software applications through integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic into the deliverables of an Information Technology (IT) project. Developers teach the machine to solve problems the way a human would through the use of programming. They create, test and deploy code. These developers also assist in converting machine learning Application Programming Interface (APIs) so that other applications can use them.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Interpret solution design documentation and develop AI solution.
  • Train the AI model through a machine learning process and test the performance to ensure that model accuracy is strictly maintained within the selection framework.
  • Deploy the AI solution and maintain the solution to ensure model accuracy is strictly maintained.

Entry Requirements
Matric/Grade 12 or
A recognized NQF Level 4 qualification

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academicservices [at] zawit.co.za
Course Details
NQF Level:
Level 5
Course Duration:
18-24 Months
Course Delivery Method:

In Class In Class

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