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Fraud Risk Management

The Fraud Risk Management short course provides you with a full awareness of fraud and corruption malpractice in support of developing fraud risk management strategies. As the extent of fraud and corruption is a major concern throughout the world, professionals at all levels of management in all organisations, industries as well as government departments must be vigilant. Internationally, steps have been taken to combat fraud and corruption on a broad front. This includes the establishment of international protocols and the necessary legal frameworks.

Internet-based investigations (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence unlocks the world of the internet to the new breed of Digital Investigator. A varied skill set that is utilised to acquire information around people, places, events and companies is presented in a hands on form. Develop your abilities to find targets online footprint, drill into additional avenues of information stored on the Deep Web. You will learn to map data and perform basic analysis of relationships. Delegates will achieve a detailed hands on experience and take away over 150 online tools for investigative use. 

Introduction to Gaming Audio

The Introduction to Gaming Audio short course provides you with a brief history to gaming audio and it also equips you with the tools to design, compose and implement your own gaming audio in a practical manner. During the course, a sample game will be demonstrated with the end task to successfully implement a tailored and personalised audio track for gameplay. The course specifically looks into topics on recording, editing, mastering (or audio sequencing), and implementation of audio material in a game world.

Information Technology Management Programme (ITMP)

The Information Technology Management Programme provides you with an exploration into the key aspects involved in managing the resources of your organisation as technology manager, information officer or team leader in all branches of ICT. During the programme, you will be able to update and expand your knowledge of information technology management by relooking best-practice, strategic and practical considerations in an organisation’s use or implementation of such technologies.

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