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With more than ten years experience in the educational field, as well as a national reputation for the quality of our staff, the effectiveness of our training material and the performance of our learners, NDJ Consultants, should be your institution of choice.

The competitive market in which training institutions offer their services will ensure that high standards and quality assurance are essential characteristics of NDJ Consultant’s learning programmes.

The business model of NDJ Consultants is based upon a relatively small but powerful people infrastructure, with extended skills obtained through a database of contractors within various disciplines.

Our mission is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing high quality training courses that are continually reviewed and updated, enabling the client and the learner to stay ahead in today’s fast moving environment.

The vision of NDJ Consultants is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing exceptional services, products and solutions through the use of comprehensive solutions and highly skilled personnel that will facilitate the effective use of our resources and the highest level of personal interaction with our customers.

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