Human Resources & Industrial Relations Training

Monitoring and Evaluation for the Public Sector

The short course in Monitoring and Evaluation for the Public Sector provides you with the requisite skills to effectively execute monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes that can assist in assessing performance and identifying contributing factors to public service delivery. During the course, you will gain invaluable insights to the importance of M&E as a tool for the public sector to manage performance-related processes of policy implementation, strategic management and programme/project management.

Advanced Course in Employee Assistance Programmes

The Advanced Course in Employee Assistance Programmes provides you with more progressive knowledge and the necessary skills set to effectively coordinate and take Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) further in the workplace. The course equips you with further skills – as experienced EAP practitioner in private companies, government departments or service-provider organisations – by providing an extended, comprehensive overview and confirmation of relevant EAP standards.

Short Course in Employee Wellness

The Basic Course in Employee Wellness provides you with the essential insights and knowledge of Employee Wellness Programmes (EAPs) and their important role in ensuring happy and satisfying places of work. Employees are an important aspect of profitability in organisations, and it has been found that happy employees are productive employees. The course specifically focuses on the application of interpersonal skills to improve employee productivity while also enhancing employee social functioning.

Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes

The Basic Course Employee Assistance Programmes provides you with the knowledge, skills and insights to become an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) practitioner in private companies, government departments or service-provider organisations. The course will enhance your knowledge of EAPs (including standards and instruments) to enable you to successfully promote wellness in the workplace, while aligning the therapeutic, management/ supervisory and M&E strategies of a planned EAP to an organisation’s goals and objectives.

Short Course in Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge


The Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge short course will provide you with the required legal and working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (and relevant amendments) in order to apply for SANS–ISO 17020 certification, and thereafter Department of Labour approval as an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA).

A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching

The Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching short course will inspire you to capitalise on your life and work experiences and relationships in developing a local coaching model. You will be sensitised to the world of the coached, while collaborating on the coach-coached relationship and outcomes. The course fosters a responsibility and accountability approach wherein the experience of the coach is accounted for, but sensitivity to the coached reality and meaning-making structures are maintained.

Short Course in Total Quality Management

In today’s world, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of quality levels, and individuals with the capacity to successfully implement Total Quality Management (TQM) are becoming indispensable assets to any organisation. The Total Quality Management short course will expose you to contemporary knowledge and techniques that will enable you to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace that are in line with the TQM philosophy.

Short Course in Management Development Programme

The Management Development Programme provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills in order to perform your management responsibilities more effectively within a changing and competitive business environment. With this programme, you will acquire the requisite competencies to better deal with all functional and cross-functional business processes and operations.

Short Course in Strategic View on B-BBEE

The Strategic View on B-BBEE workshop focuses on broad-based black economic empowerment in a commercial context and facilitates strategic thinking and decision making in your organisation’s approach to implementing it successfully. The workshop is designed to assist you with a practical understanding of the different relevant pieces of legislation, including the B-BBEE Amendment Act, the Code of Good Practice, the Sectoral codes and related regulatory aspects.

Short Course in Contract Management

The short course in Contract Management is ideal if you seek to acquire the necessary practical skills in effectively managing and administrating contracts for goods and services. Contract management refers to the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis for the purpose of maximising financial and operational performance while minimising risk.

H & S : First Aid Training

First Aid in the workplace is necessary to comply to General Safety Regulation 3: First aid, memergency equipment and procedures - an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necesary under the circumstances, to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.

1)  Basic First Aid : Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace. 


Labour Relatios Solutions

LTM has extensive labour relations experience. Our in-house consultant/s offer consulting on labour relations and training workshops. Some of our clients are blue chip South African companies. 

Consulting and IR services can be commissioned on an ad-hoc or ousourced basis and include but are not limited to

Advanced Programme in Managing Sexual Harassment in the World of Work

The Programme is designed to provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of the management of sexual harassment disputes at the workplace. The programme is focussed on South African labour legislation and case law and lectures are presented by employment practitioners at an advanced level.

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Diversity and Team Dynamics

The Diversity and Team Dynamics workshop provides you with a full understanding of the nature and role of diversity in the workplace in general and specifically in managing your own team. The workshop covers all practical guidelines for engaging, communicating and working together in diverse teams – essentially using diversity as a positive force rather seeing it as a hindrance.

Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice

The Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice is designed to facilitate your further legal training and development as attorney in the field of insolvency litigation and administration, or if you are looking to move into this specialised field of financial law. The course specifically covers topics of sequestration and liquidation applications, procedures for business rescue, statutory compromises, as well as intervening applications.

People Management Public Sector Managers

The People Management and Empowerment for Senior Managers short course provides you with requisite skills to enhance your skills in managing teams and individuals by setting goals that take various individual approaches and levels of responsibility into account. The course focuses on topics within the human resource practice setting and empowering employees to make purposeful contributions, allocating relevant resources and solving problems in an effective way by taking accountability for their time and duty served. is part of the SCRS Group. The Group was founded in 2005 and specialise in education, e-learning and learning technologies. The Career Builder Programmes (CBPs) were developed over the past few years, specifically for school leavers and young graduates to prepare themselves for the world of work and to improve their own employability prospects. Some of the programmes include very focussed small business and/or entrepreneurial content to also enable graduates to start their own small businesses after obtaining some experience in industry.  

Competency Based Interviewing Skills

On-Site Training for a Minimum of 6 Delegates

The changing SA environment, specifically within the context of the new legislation in the form of the Labour Relations and Employment Equity Acts, has necessitated a move towards a competency approach to managing people and work.  This context directly affects recruitment and selection including the interviewing and assessment processes. The Competency Based Interview and Assessment Workshop has been developed to address these needs.

S D I - What is this powerful tool?

SDI stands for 'strength deployment inventory'. It can be integrated into any environment where people need to work togehter and can form part of a number of training workshops as indicated below:

*  Board Development    *  Change Management     *  Coaching   *  Communication

*  Conflict Management         *  Customer Service    *  Decision Making    *  EQ

*  Leadership Development   *  Performance Management   *  Project Management 

*  Teambuilding and many more.

Practical People Management (HR for non-HR Managers)

The objective of this workshop is to take line managers on a journey.  This journey covers the life cycle of an employee from employment law; contractual obligations; recruitment; engagement through to disciplinary processes.  Along the way, both law and best practice principles are integrated as we weave our way through typicla and realistic case studies.

Why should managers' attend this workshop?

Successful Recruitment Practices (Behavioural Competency Based)

'Hire for skill and then fire for behaviour' is a common saying amongst HR professionals. All too often a person is recruited for the wrong reasons.  Simply because a person has a qualification, it does not necessarily mean they are able or willing to apply them! 

The cost of employment is expensive - andeve more so if the person turns out to be a poor recruit.  Turn that time spent interviewing into value added through attending our workshop and increase the success rate of employment up to 80%.


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