Synergistic Outcomes


Synergistic Outcomes

Synergistic Outcomes is a training and development provider accredited (no. 3690) with The Service SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority). 

Synergistic Outcomes CC is B-BBEE Level 1 rated (135% procurement recognition)

Strategy, Performance, Results....Best.

200 Organisations, 11 African Countries, Various Industry Sectors, 17 years

We listen to our customers. We customise. We deliver customer centric solutions.

Develop Leadership

  • Strategic Planning
    ( Customised to your organisation)
  • Managers & Supervisors
    (Empowerment and Skills)
  • Build Teams
    (4 difference packages )
  • Resolve Conflict
    ( Improve inter-office relations)
  • Manage Projects
    ( Full Accredited Programme)

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Team Development

  • Job Specific
    (PA & Secretary, Sales & Customer Service )
  • Functional Skills
    ( Time Management, Presentation Skills and Report Writing)
  • Emotional Skills
    (Assertiveness, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence)
  • Increase Awareness
    (Quality Assurance and Diversity & Cultural)

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Profile and Assess

  • Recruitment
    ( Job fit and background checking)
  • Management
    (360 degree Feedback Tool)
  • Employees
    (Sales, Teams, Performance and Customer Service)
  • Career Guidance
    (School leavers and Career

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