Synergistic Outcomes

Synergistic Outcomes was established in 2003, and has worked with more than 200 organisations in the areas of strategic planning, training and development, profiling and assessments, and managing performance.

The company is based in Durban, South Africa and conducts its work nationally and within 11 African countries. Synergistic Outcomes is an accredited training provider (no. 3690) with the Service SETA.

1. Strategic Planning

We engage with organisations, divisions and departments for strategic planning and alignment. We consult, conduct interviews and gather historic company performance data. We use this to craft and conduct beautifully crafted, highly engaging strategic planning workshops. We formulate a comprehensive strategic plan that has buy-in from leadership for implementation, monitoring and review.

2. Training and Development

We design and facilitate customised, in-house short courses for your staff needs. Our learning sessions are lively, engaging, intelligent and empowering. We use appropriate, top-notch, expert facilitators to deliver the following courses:

3. Job Profiling and Assessments

Our profiling and assessment tools help clients make better decisions for recruitment, selection, job match, promotion, development, coaching and other people development decisions.

4. Team Building

Our team building interventions are designed to help teams work together to enhance common purpose and ends in mind.

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