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Change Management Level 5

A person credited with this Unit Standard is able to demonstrate an understanding of diversity among people and in particular in a specific workforce, the role and importance played by managing change in attitudes, and the attributes of a good change agent in South Africa.

In particular, on completion of this Unit Standard, the learner will be able to:

Emotional Intelligence


This Unit Standard will be useful to learners who are working within the Public Sector, Local Government, and commercial or community environment. It will enable learners to apply knowledge, skills and insight in leadership as part of their job. This standard will also add value to public officials involved in integrated development planning, public sector management or administration specialties.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

Child care training


This course is for people who wish to enter or obtain recognition at an entry-level of Early Childhood Development (ECD).
The course has two modules:

  • Prepare resources and set up the environment to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children 
  • Provide care for babies, toddlers and young children 

 People credited with this Course are capable of:

Child care training


This course is for people who wish to enter or obtain recognition at an entry-level of Early Childhood Development (ECD).
The course has two modules:

  • Prepare resources and set up the environment to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children 
  • Provide care for babies, toddlers and young children 

 People credited with this Course are capable of:

Call Center Operations Level 4


Any individual who are or wish to be involved in the Contact Centre industry will have access to this qualification. It also serves as the entry qualification into Contact Centre operations and management. This qualification will be registered at NQF Level 4.

This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the Contact Centre Industry.

The rationale of the qualification

General Education and Training Certificate: Clothing Manufacturing Processes


This qualification is applicable to people within the clothing sector. Learners will be able to produce garments using a domestic lockstitch sewing machine. The purpose of the qualification is to build the competence of learners in the clothing sector at NQF Level 1 to address the following:

Further Education and Training Certificate: Human Resources Management and Practices Support – Level 4


Students will learn essential administrative duties related to human resources management and practices. Students will learn how to implement procedures and systems that relate to human resources planning, recruitment and selection, compensation and employee relations. Following the completion of this course, successful students will understand how to advise and respond to human-resource-related queries in an organization.


National Certificate: Clothing, Textures, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing Level 2


This qualification will equip the learner with the skills, knowledge and values to participate effectively in workplace activities within the Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather (CTFL) manufacturing industries. Learners achieving this qualification will be able to contribute to CTFL manufacturing processes by:

General Education and Training Certificate: Environmental Practice Level 1


This qualification is the first in a series for practitioners in the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management. This series of qualifications will equip practitioners with the skills, knowledge and values to contribute towards the wise and effective use and management of our natural resources and ecological systems.

The specific purpose of this qualification represents the skills, knowledge and understanding required by competent practitioners to:


ABM COLLEGE SA is Accredited and Registered with QCTO HR. Management Studies ,Umalusi Engineering Electrical,Mechanical Enginering and DHET 

Coach & Mentor Learners (15 credits)

Coach and Mentor Learners (Coaching & mentoring training)

Duration: 3 days


This programme enables learners to identify learners’ needs, to draw up a development plan for learners, to provide learners with support in assessments and also in evaluating their own performance. This is also a must for anyone involved in the reporting and recording of learner progress and achievements. During this programme, we compile learning pathways, individual development plans and action plans.

Unit Standards


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During this 1-day Interactive Assessment session the learners, in a group, report on their progress, strengths and review their performance, in terms of the training programme that they attended.

Problem solving and Critical Thinking - Street Wisdom "Walkshop" TM

Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. This inspirational tool has been adopted by corporations, coaches and social groups across the globe – with profound results.

Psychology of Meaningful Retirement

The Psychology of Meaningful Retirement short course will enable you to proactively plan for a meaningful retirement. Misconceptions and unrealistic ideas pertaining to the idea of retirement are addressed in this training session. The psychological principles and skills employed in this training session will not only enable you to mitigate the transition process from work to retirement, but will empower you to enjoy a well-balanced quality life after retirement.

Nirvana Training Academy

First Aid, Emergency Medical, Firefighting And Occupational Health & Safety Training Academy

Nirvana is a trusted Health & Safety Training Company situated in South Africa. We have a national and country wide footprint. We are fully equipped and furnished to provide all of our students the best training and education necessary to make them effective Firefighters and more.

Short Course in Trauma Counselling

The Trauma Counselling short course will enable you as pastor or counsellor to deal with the process of recovery and healing after a traumatic experience. We live in a traumatised society and the church and/or pastoral counsellor is often the only “immediate” resource available for support and guidance. The course focuses on understanding the nature and impact of trauma, with a specific emphasis on trauma counselling as well as care for the caregiver.

A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching

The Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching short course will inspire you to capitalise on your life and work experiences and relationships in developing a local coaching model. You will be sensitised to the world of the coached, while collaborating on the coach-coached relationship and outcomes. The course fosters a responsibility and accountability approach wherein the experience of the coach is accounted for, but sensitivity to the coached reality and meaning-making structures are maintained.

Business Simulation for Supervisors - Mining Sector 3-day


This action-packed 3 day SIMULATION is aimed at anyone occupying a management position and includes those in a services function. It revolves around a Mining and Processing Simulation in which teams compete over a number of shifts to produce and sell precious metals. Environmental opportunities and challenges are provided to make this absolutely meaningful and authentic. Teams compile and analyse an income statement at the end of the simulation. Team activities are critically reviewed daily.

Further Education and Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Processes



Learners found competent against this Qualification will be able to execute the supervision of construction processes in a specific civil engineering context.

For those with extensive experience in the workplace, this Qualification can be used in the recognition of prior learning process to assess and recognise workplace skills acquired without the benefit of formal education and training.

For the new entrant, this Qualification describes the learning outcomes required to effectively participate in a structured workplace.

Self Mastery and Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This is the combined 2nd and 3rd day modules in a trilogy comprising Emotional Intelligence, Self-Mastery and Interpersonal Skills.

Please refer to the following courses for the course outlines

Emotional Intelligence - Module 2 - Self-Mastery


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