Life Skills Training

The Learning Development Group

The LD Group offers innovative, flexible, and evolving learning development solutions that transform organisations and individuals.

We design, implement, and deliver services across industries, within the following specialist areas:

  • BBBEE Consulting
  • Disability Management Service and & Sensitization Training
  • Skills Development & Employment Equity Facilitation

Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence WEBINARS

Poor inter-personal skills can often damage an organization in terms of lost business, impaired customer relationships and lack of co-ordination of internal processes. This workshop delivers key concepts and techniques that can be immediately applied to maximise staff interpersonal skills to maintain a competitive advantage.

Mindfulness training 2021

Mindfulness is about being fully present, embracing all our experiences, and most importantly, changing the relationship we have towards our suffering. Mindfulness training helps to grow our innate mindfulness capacity, which in turn helps to regulate our nervous system and improve our sense of well-being. Leading neuroscience shows that regular practice reduces stress and the inflammation it causes in our bodies, which can lead to illness. It helps build inner resilience, emotional stability, and our ability to cope with challenges.

Resilience training 2021

Resilience is our bodies’ natural capacity to bounce back from difficulty. It takes a few minutes to learn to regulate our nervous system, and short resilience practices aimed at calming the nervous system, have been found to be very beneficial in managing stress and the uncertainty we face. Practising resilience skills also helps us in the long run to cultivate a sense of stability and clarity in terms of work and home life.



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