Financial & Accounting Training

Public Financial Management for Public Sector Managers

The Public Financial Management for Public Sector Managers short course aims to enhance your knowledge and skills in the managing the financial aspects of your department or component, in your role as a senior public servant, in support of higher order strategies and plans according that are in line with the existing regulatory framework, but also sets the tone for you become a knowledge leader, pioneer, evaluator, change manager and guide in the public sector, based on complete, accurate and real-time financial information and analyses.

Economic Indicators: Monitoring the South African Economy

The Economic Indicators: Monitoring the South African Economy short course teaches you how to use the available data sources and appropriate techniques to measure the macroeconomic performance of the South African economy. The central focus of the course is on extracting meaningful information from the different types of economic indicators available in the daily press and specialist data collection institutions. The course also deals with basic economic and statistical manipulation techniques with the aim of extracting information from raw data.

Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

The Econometric Analysis of Panel Data short course focuses on hands-on experience in the estimation, interpretation and evaluation of economic relationships within a panel data context. The course covers various models for analysis, including static-linear, fixed- effects, least-squares dummy variables, one-way and two-way error components, and the pooling of slope and intercept coefficients.

GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting

The GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting short course provides you with detailed and in-depth knowledge of the implementation and financial reporting structures of the Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) as required of all South African (and international) public sector entities.

Online Course in Cost and Management Accounting

The short course in Online Course in Cost and Management Accounting is designed to help individuals in the private and public sector to understand the costing process and how to determine costs. It also covers the management of funds by means of budgets and the use of management accounting information to make informed and accountable decisions. Topics such as absorption, variable, job and process costing; traditional cost allocation versus activity-based costing; and cost-volume-profit relations will be discussed.

Online Course in National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling Training course provides you with an opportunity for assessing your competency in and registering with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a certified debt counsellor. During the course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in identifying when and how a consumer can apply for debt review or when it is necessary to assist over-indebted consumers.

Online course in Anti-corruption and procurement fraud: Private sector

The public sector is highly regulated in order to prevent and detect corruption and procurement fraud. Companies and organisations within the private sector are to a lesser extent regulated, but are still subject to a plethora of laws and regulations. 

Some pieces of legislation have been drafted with the view to cast the net as wide as possible, and therefore creates a real risk that a company or its employees may face criminal prosecution with its accompanying reputational and other negative consequences.



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