Financial & Accounting Training

GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting

The GRAP/IPSAS Financial Reporting short course provides you with detailed and in-depth knowledge of the implementation and financial reporting structures of the Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) as required of all South African (and international) public sector entities.

Public Financial Management Act

The Public Financial Management provides you with the requisite insights to the implementation and implications of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) of 1999 (as amended) on your role as middle or senior financial manager in the public sector.

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

The short course in Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers provides you with a better understanding of financial management (as a component of the management structure) to help achieve your organisation’s objectives. During the course, you will gain knowledge of the basic financial procedures, calculations and activities of a business enterprise, covering aspects of financial statements, ratio analyses, break-even analyses, basic income tax, financing decisions, time–value of money, capital budgeting and working capital management.

Digital Forensics and Investigations

The Digital Forensics and Investigations short course teaches you the basic theoretical concepts, as well as the practical applications of digital forensics i.e. how to conduct digital forensic investigations. This course is designed for a wide range of people such as law enforcers, crime investigators, managers in larger organisations, technical personnel in larger organisations, and anyone else interested in a general background of digital forensics.

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Online course in Anti-corruption and procurement fraud: Private sector

The online course in Anti-corruption and procurement fraud: Private sector provides delegates with a good understanding of why some people tend to break the law and the legislative regime (including foreign legislation which might be applicable to a SA company) regulating corruption and procurement fraud. The common schemes perpetrated and the red flags indicating the existence of these schemes, are also dealt with.

Investigation of Financial Crime

Economic crime has always been a major risk in the workplace. Technological advances have also increased the opportunities to commit these types of crimes in the workplace. This practicallyorientated Investigation of Financial Crime short course will deal with a number of investigation methodologies, techniques and tools which can lead to the more effective investigation of these crimes. A case-study approach, with ample opportunities for group-related activities, will be followed.

Fraud Risk Management

The Fraud Risk Management short course provides you with a full awareness of fraud and corruption malpractice in support of developing fraud risk management strategies. As the extent of fraud and corruption is a major concern throughout the world, professionals at all levels of management in all organisations, industries as well as government departments must be vigilant. Internationally, steps have been taken to combat fraud and corruption on a broad front. This includes the establishment of international protocols and the necessary legal frameworks.

Investigation and Management of Cyber and Electronic Crime

The short course in the Investigation and Management of Cyber and Electronic Crime provides you with insights to and knowledge of the legal and practical issues that specifically relate to criminal conduct in the online environment and exponential advancements in information and communication technologies that has given rise to cyber and electronic crime.



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