Assessor, Moderator, SDF and ETDP

FULL National Certificate: Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETD), ID 50334, NQF Level 5, 132 credits

The certificate covers the entire Education, Training and Development process: analysing a learning need, identifying a skills gap in your organisation, developing the learning material, presenting the learning programmes, assessing learning, moderation to ensure quality of learning and assessment, workplace mentoring to assist learners in a achieving their maximum potential and co-ordination of the learning programmes.

Moderate Training (10 credits)

Moderate Learning (Moderator training)

Duration: 3 days


During this programme, we discuss the responsibilities of the moderator in the planning, design and establishment of an effective quality management system. We explore the various approaches to moderation, reporting and recording of developments in line with ETQA requirements and best practice. This programme is a must for anyone involved in quality assurance of skills development practices within an organisation.
Unit Standards

Coach & Mentor Learners (15 credits)

Coach and Mentor Learners (Coaching & mentoring training)

Duration: 3 days


This programme enables learners to identify learners’ needs, to draw up a development plan for learners, to provide learners with support in assessments and also in evaluating their own performance. This is also a must for anyone involved in the reporting and recording of learner progress and achievements. During this programme, we compile learning pathways, individual development plans and action plans.

Unit Standards

Assessor Training (25 Credits)

This programme is ideal for anyone responsible for planning and conducting assessments using reliable assessment tools. During this workshop we cover the principles and practices of outcomes-based assessment including designing Assessment Guides and discovering how to conduct assessment and RPL, using these Assessment Guides.

Unit Standards

The following Unit Standards are covered during the skills workshop:

 US 115753: Conduct outcomes based assessment, Level 5, 15 credits
 US 115755: Design and develop outcomes based assessment, Level 6, 10 credits

Facilitate Training (15 credits)

Duration: 4 days


This skills programme is recommended for trainers, educators, instructors and anyone that wishes to facilitate learning. This programme will help you brush up on your facilitation skills as we identify learning styles, facilitation methods and discuss the dos and don’ts of facilitation and managing group dynamics. This programme is ideal for experienced and inexperienced trainers, educators, instructors.

Unit Standards

Develop Learning Materials (Training on designing & developing learning material)

Develop Learning Materials

Duration: 5 days


This skills programme is a must for learning programme designers and developers. During this workshop we will learn how to design and develop outcomes-based learning programmes in line with ETQA requirements from completing the curriculum framework to developing a full learner guide and learner work-book with an accompanying facilitator guide.

Unit Standards

The following Unit Standards are covered during the skills workshop:

Analyse Training Needs (15 credits)

Analyse Training Needs

Duration: 4 days


This skills programme is recommended for anyone involved in the skills planning and skills reporting of a company. This programme uncovers the process of skills profiling by conducting a skills gap analysis through target audience analysis and task analysis. Learners are also provided information on the full National Certificate in OD-ETD qualification.

Unit Standards

The following Unit Standards are covered during the skills workshop:


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During this 1-day Interactive Assessment session the learners, in a group, report on their progress, strengths and review their performance, in terms of the training programme that they attended.

Assessor Training

The role of the assessor is to formally assess the skills and competence of staff within an organisation.  This is done through building a portfolio of evidence that is related to the learners daily work and meeting the requirements of the NQF.

An assessor must have the skills to plan, conduct, evaluate, make Judgments and provided feedback.  An Assessor should also have the ability to guide and support their learners through this process.


The purpose of this programme is to equip potential moderators with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to conduct assessments within their fields of expertise in line with the Criteria for the Registration of Moderators.

This programme has been designed and developed by Aquarius Skills Solutions and is aligned with the Unit Standard, Conduct Moderation of Outcomes based Assessments (115759), NQF Level 6


By the end of this programme learners will be able to:


Effective Assessing US 115753 C15 BBBEE CATEGORY E

Being a registered and knowledgeable Assessor is essential in South Africa’s outcomes based training and development industry.  It is an added advantage if accredited facilitators are registered Assessors.  This means that the training facilitator understands the assessment and moderation process and is better able to prepare the learner for assessment.


This course gives learners the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for, conduct and review assessments.  Learners will also learn how to give appropriate feedback to the candidate.


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ETDP Facilitator Training Course

Fascilitate a Learning Programme, SAQA ID 1178711 NQD Level 5 10 credits.

Facilitation is one of the key pillars of any role in Education, Training and Development Practices.  Learning to be an excellent facilitator is one of the first steps that is critical if you aspire to a career in training, supervision or management. The unit standard forms part of the National Certificate in Occupationally Directed ETDP and is accredited by ETDP Seta. 

ETDP Moderator Course

Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-based assessments, SAQA ID 115759 NQF Level 6, 10 credits. 

The Skills Development Act requires that only Moderators who have been registered with the Education, Training and Development  (ETDP), Seta as a moderator and must also be registered with the SETA in which economic field they are working as a moderator.  Therefore if you are interesting in expanding your career in ETDP to include a moderation role, this certificate is definitely for you. 

ETDP Assessor Course

The Assessor course forms part of the National Certificate in Occupationally-Directed Education Training & Development Practice) OD-ETDP. SAQA ID 115753. The Assessor course is a 4-day programme "Conduct outcomes-based assessments" NQF Level 5, 15 NQF credits towards the full qualification. 

The Skills Development Act stipulates that only Seta registered assessors may assess learners against registered unit standards for the learner to be awarded the relevant NQF credits. 


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