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Media Works is an innovator in the training sphere, with over two decades of experience in workforce education and training.

Media Works together with Tuta-Me now form part of Optimi Workplace.

Skills Development Consulting

  • Strategic B-BBEE Consulting
  • Comprehensive Bursary Management
  • Trainer Container


Short Courses

NQF 5 - Skills Programmes

Leadership: 18 Credits 8 Days

  • US 120300: Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context 8 Credits
  • US 252037: Build teams to achieve goals and objectives 6 Credits
  • US 15224: Empower team members though recognising strengths, encouraging Participation in decision making and delegating tasks 4 Credits

Best Practice Management: 15 Credits 7 Days

  • US 252024: Evaluate current practices against best practice 4 Credits
  • US 252042: Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture 5 Credits
  • US 252044: Apply the principles of knowledge management 6 Credits

Financial Management: 14 Credits 6 Days

  • US 252036: Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information 6 Credits
  • US 252040: Manage the finances of a unit 8 Credits

Relationship Management: 18 Credits 8 Days

  • US 252027: Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace Relationships 6 Credits
  • US 252031: Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the Management of self and others 4 Credits
  • US 12433: Use communication techniques effectively 8 Credits

Results-based Management: 24 Credits 10 Days

  • US 252032: Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan 8 Credits
  • US 252025: Monitor, assess and manage risk 8 Credits
  • US 252022: Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan 8 Credits

Change Management: 20 Credits 9 Days

  • US 252021: Formulate recommendations for a change process 8 Credits
  • US 252020: Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation 6 Credits
  • US 252026: Apply a systems approach to decision making 6 Credits​​​​​​​

People Management: 33 Credits 14 Days

  • US 12140: Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions 9 Credits
  • US 252029: Lead people development and talent management 8 Credits
  • US 252034: Monitor and evaluate team members against performance Standards 8 Credits
  • US 252035: Select and coach fist line managers 8 Credits

Conflict Management: 22 Credits 9 Days

  • US 252043: Manage a diverse work force to add value 6 Credits
  • US 117853: Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations 8 Credits
  • US 114226: Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace

Online Short Courses

Training Courses:
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Short Course Articles

Are short courses an asset to the skills development landscape or do they detract from the learning process? Des Squire looks at the value short course and skills programmes bring to the education platform.

short course

Doing a Short Course is a strategic move that you can undertake to improve your knowledge, skills, and marketability within a specific field. 

One of the options out there for people wanting to further their education is short courses. Let's take a look at why a short course might be right for you.

Student enrolls for short course at a private institution

If you are looking to do a short course at any institution of learning, it is important to look at the tuition fees. Should you not be able to afford to pay for your short course, you need to take a look at the financial aid options that you may use.



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