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Beyond empty promises lies real added value in training, education and human resources. In order for clients and learners to focus on their business or their careers, PiCompany offers workplace related learning and human resource and business consultancy. Succesfully since 2008 in South Africa and outside the country.

That is why Sector Education and Training Authorities use PiCompany's services and expertise: BankSeta, Chieta, EwSeta, Services Seta, Transport Seta and Cathsseta.

Future Supervisor Development Programme

Purpose of Programme 

To prepare individuals acting in the position of supervisor
for appointment

Target Population

Future /Acting or Newly Appointed Supervisors

Please refer to the attached PDF for more information on the programme and course breakdown

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Agile certification Course

This seminar will guide you innovatively in the preparation for writing your Agile certification exam. It is an excellent spring board for the following Agile certification: PMI-ACP, APMG International, Strategyex Certificate (Associate or Master’s) in Agile, International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), Agile Certification Institute, Scaled Agile Academy, Scrum Alliance, Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM).

Report Writing Skills

Language is a tool that forges friendships, economic ties, and business relationships. If language is knowledge, then Business Reporting Writing skills allow for this knowledge to be used as the binding agent is business relations. Good use of the English language in the business context is vital if there is to be efficient business practice. Employers and employees can use the skills and techniques of this programme to their advantage by ensuring that what needs to be communicated is and that this is done in an effective manner.

Team Building & Engagements

Our Team building interventions are designed to help teams work together to enhance common purpose and ends in mind. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to listen to our customers needs and customise an appropriate intervention that balances high quality sessions, profiling and outdoor activities.
Our approach is to collaboratively design an experience that can: 

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Development aims to increase individual’s awareness of influence styles in inter-personal relationships. Individuals are able to engage in self-assessment tools to measure their assertive, passive & aggressive behavioural tendencies, whilst gaining new knowledge, skills, and attitudes for assertiveness in the workplace. Increased assertiveness results in individuals being open, honest, respectful, tactful, considerate, and confident.

Change Management

The purpose of this programme is to provide learners with a framework of the concepts and theories of change management and tips/tools on how they can lead a successful and rewarding organisational change initiative.

Cost and Time effective E and M-Learning option available: / download the Mobile App on Google Play.



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