Communication Skills Training

Business Writing

Good writing is an important part of career success, yet few employees receive guidance with writing and formatting documents in the workplace. The objective of the short course in Business Writing is to assist you in acquiring a set of general principles for optimal communication in professional contexts. In this course you will be assisted to write correct, concise, clear and professional business documents in traditional and new media.

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Complaint Handling and Problem Solving WEBINARS

What is the cost of complaints to business? Complaints and problems dealt with positively win over customers and enhance the survival of the business. Complaints are however seen negatively resulting in poor handling. Understanding how to manage complaints and problem solve efficiently by taking responsibility are the key ingredients to customer retention and the focus of this practical workshop.

Effective Communication WEBINARS

For an organization to run cohesively, communication is necessary. Communication involves listening attentively, engaging in dialogue and delivering information in the most direct and productive ways possible. All the people in an organization, from its leaders to its members, are responsible for their role in efficient and open communication. To better improve the state of communication within your organization, consider how each member of the team contributes to this goal.

Telephone & E-mail Correspondence Skills WEBINAR

Talking on the telephone makes some people uncomfortable. This is made worse when using the phone for business purposes. A key to overcoming this discomfort is training on how to handle others telephonically. Developing these necessary skills helps with client relations, business cold-calling scenarios and general phone etiquette. This practical workshop will focus on business standards to improve company image, enhance customer service and ultimately boost profits.

Youth Ministry as an Inclusive Relational Approach

Ministering to children and young people in the South and southern African societies is a real opportunity. The Youth Ministry as an Inclusive Relational Approach short course equips pastors and other youth leaders to provide an effective ministry to children, teenagers and young adults within the South and southern African context – as part of the local faith community. After completion of the course, successful leaders should be able to understand youth and family ministry.

Storytelling for Impactful Communication

Everyone has a storyteller inside them, and everyone has a story to tell.

Storytelling is a strong business skill and when implemented effectively, it can boost a business in a number of ways, such as:

  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Creating a strong marketing strategy
  • Increasing profit, employee engagement, etc.

Storytelling conveys purpose and businesses with purpose are noticed and win the loyalty of consumers.

Business Writing Skills

*Also available as a 2-day workshop. Aim: To supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to conduct professional and accurate e-mail and business writing support. Content: ¨ The Six C’s of business letter writing ¨ Business letter writing checklist ¨ Opening and closing formats ¨ Keep to the point ¨ Setting the tone ¨ Conversational style techniques ¨ Writing in plain English ¨ Sentence Structure ¨ Jargon ¨ Headings ¨ Closing ¨ E-mail Specifics Outcome: The learners will be able to deliver a professional and well-presented business letter or e-mail.



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