Communication Skills Training

Introduction to Ministry

The Introduction to Ministry course presents aspects related to the identity and person of the minister; the church as body, institution and movement; kingdom and community; and the witness of the church as servants.

Programme in Pastoral Care and Counselling

The Programme in Pastoral Care and Counselling provides you with the requisite theory and practice in narrative pastoral care and counselling to enable you as counsellor or therapist to bring hope and healing in a wide variety of circumstances and/or contexts. During the programme, you will be equipped with the skills to meet the growing need for emotional, relational and spiritual healing and restoration in our communities.

Faith Communities and Missional Leadership Programme

Many pastors and other persons in faith communities are challenged to lead groups of people without ever being effectively trained to do so. On the other hand most leadership training available applies, often exclusively, to the business community not taking into account the unique nature of faith communities. This course will focus on the art of congregational leadership.

Customer Service Excellence

The short course in Customer Service Excellence will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the roles, attitudes and interactions of customer service consultants ultimately shape your clients’ perception and value assessment of your organisation in presenting a unique product and/or service proposition. The course specifically focuses on identifying and modelling customer service delivery from a best-practice viewpoint while it also looks at how to motivate and maintain the morale of customer service staff and/or teams.

Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems

The short course in Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems provides you with a detailed analysis and a discussion of the application of the ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems standard (ISO 30401 KMS). The standard can be used to prepare your organisation for ISO 30401 KMS certification or it can be used to align knowledge management capabilities to the requirements of the standard.

Emotional Intelligence


This programme explores the concept of Emotional Intelligence and allows for its practical application in the workplace. The ability to understand and control one’s emotions opens many doors for self-empowerment and enables learners to lead their lives, and others more effectively. Through empathy, listening and self-awareness, skills of emotional intelligence, workplace, and customer relations improve exponentially.


Effective Communication Skills

The Effective Communication Skills programme is designed for learners who want to increase their overall interpersonal effectiveness by increasing their self-awareness.

The programme will benefit all career business people who want to communicate more effectively, relate easily to co-workers and customers, and “grow people skills” and EQ to achieve career goals.



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