Moderator Training

This course is accredited by ETDP Seta and material covers unit standards 115759 at NQF level 6 worth 10 credits.


Module 1:

 Moderation within the context of an OBE system

 Moderation and assessment methods and activities

 The moderator’s role and responsibilities

Module 2:

 Plan and prepare for Moderation

 Planning the extent of moderation and methods of moderation

 Clarifying the context of the assessments under review

 Considering special needs

 Planning the moderation methods and processes

 Moderation techniques and processes

 Sampling of assessments

Module 3:

 Conduct moderation

 Checking and judging the assessment instruments and process

 Confirming that special needs of learners have been provided for

 Handling appeals against assessment decisions

 Moderating recognition of prior learning

 Making the moderation decision

 Moderation checklists

 Confirming the assessment decisions

Module 4:

 Advise and support assessors

 The varccs report

 Giving feedback to assessors

Module 5:

 Report, record and administer moderation

Module 6:

 Review moderation systems and processes

 Using a Swot Analysis

 Management Systems and Policies


It is imperative that the skills development officer and/or employer is aware that NO candidate can undergo moderator training without being a qualified assessor in possession of an ETDP SETA statement of result and with assessment experience in their field of expertise.

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Julius Matose
Contact: Imsimbi Training
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Level 6



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E-learning E-learning

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4 days


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materials ( 3-6 Aug, 26-29 Oct & 6-9 Dec 2021) Inclass & online dates