QCTO Seminar

QCTO “an in-depth understanding” During the one-day seminar we will cover A Brief Overview of the new Legislation


The new NQF Landscape

The impact of the legislation on skills development providers


The Expanded NQF

New NQF Quality Assurance Structures

Umalusi Council for Higher Education

QCTO SAQA Quality Council for Trade and Occupations Communities of Expert Practice


The Occupational Learning System

Overview of the Occupational Learning System

Occupational Qualifications Framework

Purpose of Occupational Qualifications Framework

Scope of Occupational Qualifications

National Occupational Awards

National Skills Certificates

Foundational Learning and fundamentals

Organising Framework for Occupations

What is the OFO?


Purpose of the OFO

Occupational tasks and descriptors

Determining learning needs

Issues of programme provision

Curriculum development processes

Resource requirements for accreditation

Development and delivery of occupational qualifications by providers


Occupational Curricula Customisation of learning programmes: a group discussion Assessment Issues Assessment Quality Partners Assessment Centres Internal assessment Work experience records External assessment RPL Quality Assurance The Way forward A reflection

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1 Day


R1 925-00