Diversity and Change Management

Diversity Management

This programme is intended for learners / participants who is interested in understanding and demonstrating diversity among people and in particular in a specific workforce, to be able to have an appreciation of the role and positive impact of such diversity, and how best to manage a diverse workforce in South Africa.

NQF Level: 5

Credits : 14

Problem solving and Critical Thinking - Street Wisdom "Walkshop" TM

Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. This inspirational tool has been adopted by corporations, coaches and social groups across the globe – with profound results.

IsiZulu Language Course for Beginners

With eleven official languages in South Africa, being able to speak multiple languages is very helpful. One of the most commonly used language is isiZulu and the isiZulu Language Course for Beginners is ideal for those who have no prior knowledge of the language and who would like to gain basic communicative skills in the language. The course will teach you suitable expressions and vocabulary for everyday situations, as well as vocabulary that is regularly used in isiZulu. Classes will be presented on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 18:00–19:30.

A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching

The Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching short course will inspire you to capitalise on your life and work experiences and relationships in developing a local coaching model. You will be sensitised to the world of the coached, while collaborating on the coach-coached relationship and outcomes. The course fosters a responsibility and accountability approach wherein the experience of the coach is accounted for, but sensitivity to the coached reality and meaning-making structures are maintained.

Ntirho Human Capital

 About Ntirho Human Capital

Ntirho Human Capital is a Specialist Recruitment Agency that assist organisation in recruiting people with Disabilities and assist with Disability Management Services

Disability Management Services utilizes merit based, equitable recruitment to ensure that we can match the right candidates with the right jobs. We take the time to get to know our candidates so that we can bring their individual skills, thinking and capability to your business. We offer Disability Sensitisation Training

Change Management Skill

The Change Management Skill course guides the participants through crucial considerations of the change journey. Whether we are dealing with change that has been thrust on us by circumstances out of our control, or a change we choose for our lives, we will experience emotions associated with losing the familiar and creating the future.

Coaching and Mentoring

This workshop is for supervisors and team leaders, the main aim is to assist them with coaching their team to success in a collaborative fashion.

Leaders who are able to coach rather than instruct are able to develop more positive teams and tend to do particularly well when leading Generation Y and in a team’s leadership position.

Business Etiquette and Diversity

Aim: To explain and demonstrate the need for “appropriate” behaviour. Assisting the delegate with deciding what is appropriate and informing the delegates as to the dos and don’ts of other cultures. Course Content: Etiquette – What is it? Personality, where culture, etiquette and personal preferences overlap; The Etiquette of Cross Cultural Communication; Time and Personal Space; Gender and Etiquette; Grooming; Generational Differences

Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Aim: This workshop is for supervisors. Content: Introduction and History of Coaching; Definition(s) of Coaching; The Value of Coaching; Important Principles of Coaching; The Qualities of a Great Coach; Key Skills That Every Coach Needs to Succeed; Creating the Coaching Relationship; Understanding Beliefs and Behaviours; Identify Areas of Development in Your Agents; Choosing the Right Tool(s) for the Job; Understand and Follow the Coaching Process; Recognising and Rewarding Behaviour; Engaging Your Agents Through Social Media.

Communication Excellence

Aim: To supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to conduct advanced business conversations and ensure high standards of communication within an organisation. Content: ;Listening Tonality; Positive Speech; Forming a commonality; Personality Types - Understanding People; Body Language Analysis; Setting boundaries / Assertiveness; Understanding and working with criticism; Understanding your own prejudices; De Bono 6 hat thinking technique; Communicating with your superiors; Cellular/Holistic vision; Authority Levels.

Business Etiquette

Aim: To assist all business people with observing business protocol and etiquette ensuring successful relationships with colleagues and clients. Content: Etiquette – What is it? Manners and Etiquette; Personality; Daily Etiquette, Procedures and Protocol; How to Introduce People; How to be the Perfect Guest; How to Leave a Party Graciously; More How To's; Time and Personal Space; The Etiquette of Communication; Electronic Communication; Business Meetings; Business Entertaining; Business Travel; Etiquette and Finesse; Networking and Collaboration

Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Aim: To supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to recognise potential conflict situations, address the situation in a manner that makes the conflict positive as well as mediate where necessary. Course Content: What is Conflict Management? Why is There Conflict? Your Own Conflict Handling Modes; Identifying the Stages of Conflict; The relationship Between Competition and Conflict; The Five Modes of Conflict; Creating a Personal Conflict Management Approach; Creating an Organisational Conflict Management Plan; Mediation

MSC Business College Kempton Park

MSC Business College Kempton Park is a fully accredited further education provider offering quality diplomas, certificates, and using the latest technology. Programme offerings include Human Resources Management, Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wholesale & Retail, Project Management, Public Relations and Public Finance. Having been around for 26 years and with 17 campuses in South Africa, the MSC Business College is one of the biggest names in education in South Africa.




  1. Auditing Fundamentals

- Defining audits

- Types of audits

- Audit criteria

- Audit strategies


  1. Audit Teams

- Auditor competencies

- Team Communication

- Team meetings

- Roles and responsibilities


  1. Audit Evidence

- Data and information

- Types of evidence

- Interviewing strategies

- Document strategies

- Environmental strategies

- Credibility of evidence





  1. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health &Safety Management Series

- Understanding the ISO Annex SL edition

- Understanding the key management criteria within the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Understanding the process approach


  1. Systems Framework:

- Decompiling the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Identifying the scope of the management system

- Developing a company specific management framework

- Integrating the framework into legislation


Managing Diversity - US 252043, Credits 6, Level 5, BBBEE Category E

Course Overview

Diversity in today’s workforce is the norm. Globalisation and the need for a variety of skills leads to diverse workforces across the world.

Learning to manage a diverse work team is one of the critical management skills team leaders must have in order to succeed.

 This course equips team leaders the skills and tools needed to manage a diverse work team while at the same time achieving organisational goals.

Course Objective

To learn how to manage a diverse team in the workplace

Online Courses

Palomino Training Solutions offers a wide range of online short courses where you login and complete the course in your own time on the internet. The length of these courses range from 3 hours to 20 hours, depending on the course content and your speed. Each course costs R199 ex vat and please see our available courses below (we are always loading new courses):


Creating Innovative Environments Training

Creating Innovative Environments training consists of six modules that highlights creating and managing an environment that promotes innovation through performance management and talent development. It is a ten day course with theoretical input, interactive experiential exercises and practical examples that provide the learner with the knowledge and the tools to create and manage an environment that promotes innovation by adding value to the workforce with talent management, people development, diversity management and performance management.


Building and Empowering Effective Teams

Building and empowering effective teams’ training consists of six modules that incorporates a variety of strategic planning, performance management and team effectiveness principles. It is a five day training course with theoretical input, interactive experiential exercises and practical examples that provide the learner with the knowledge and tools to build, develop and maintain effective teams; strategically aligned to the organisational goals and objectives.


This training course will provide the learner with the following competencies, skills and understandings:

Change Management

This course covers a number of critical guidelines in change management and what is needed to maximise the likelihood of success. Delegates will learn about stages of change, how to persuade people, why people resist change and how to manage organisational changes. Numerous techniques and management tools in addition to exercises are provided to introduce delegates to change management and help them become more skilled when facing change.


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