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KZN Business Training Centre offers public courses at select locations in Kwa-Zulu Natal according to a pre‑determined schedule. This allows companies with specific, small volume training requirements to train their staff cost‑effectively.

In addition to these “Public Courses”, we offer all our courses on an “exclusive basis”, either at our facility or “in‑house” at client premises anywhere in South Africa, or even beyond our borders. This type of inter­vention is increasingly cost‑effective in relation to the number of dele­gates trained. When training an exclusive group, we try to gather as much relevant information from the client as possible in order to focus on those modules of the programme most pertinent to their needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to broaden our offering to include live “e-Training” over a range of platforms which we also do in combination with face-to-face classes.

We can and often do “realign and develop” material to specific needs by combining elements and modules from a range of courses.

Our courses are practical and highly interactive, with an emphasis on application rather than purely theoretical knowledge. Case studies are extensively used to convey the learning content and delegates are encouraged to partici­pate in group discussions.

SETA Accreditation

KZN Business Training Centre is accredited by the Services Seta (Decision Number 0351) as a training provider.

We offer a range of courses that are:-
·        Accredited, or
·        Non-Credit bearing although aligned to unit standards, or
·        Non-Credit bearing, designed to cater for specific needs but do not lend themselves to accreditation

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Short Course Articles


Unisa has now opened their registration period for their short courses which are referred to as Short Learning Programmes. Applications for these Unisa short courses are open as well.

Student enrolls for short course at a private institution

If you are looking to do a short course at any institution of learning, it is important to look at the tuition fees. Should you not be able to afford to pay for your short course, you need to take a look at the financial aid options that you may use.

Unisa open day programme

The University of South Africa’s (Unisa) short courses are curated to update or enhance a student's skills and knowledge in a specific field of study. Students interested in registering for the 2023 academic year are encouraged to do so to avoid missing the looming deadline.

person being a supervisor in team

This course is designed to help you head up a work unit or assist with supervising the work completed by individuals and teams. This Supervision short course will show you how to transition into a supervisory role.

person doing a short course

A short course refers to learning that combines both practical and theoretical skills. It opens up many doors of opportunities for students to learn about a specific industry in a short period of time.



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