Credit Skills Training

Online Course in National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling

The Online Course in National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling provides you with an opportunity for assessing your competency in and registering with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a certified debt counsellor. During the course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in identifying when and how a consumer can apply for debt review or when it is necessary to assist over-indebted consumers.

Soft Skills Training

We offer a wide range of soft skills training. These can be customised tio an organisations specific outcomes

Some of the content offer is:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Beyond Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Calming Upset Customers
  • Time Management
  • Telehone Skills and Etiquette
  • Typing A to Z
  • Business etiquette and Professionalism
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Working in teams

For a comprehensive list of these skills based courses please contact us.

Credit - In House Training

We are able to customise in-house training content specific to your organisations desired outcomes.

We are able to do this on any aspect of the credit life cycle from assessment processes, collections and thrid party collections.


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CPI Certificate in Credit Management (1 to 5)

A comprehensive Credit Management certificate ideal for anyone working within a credit environment. The course is an occupational course and covers the entire Credit Life cycle and will equip all staff within the credit environment be effective and efficiant in their roles adding great value to their organisation.

Each level of the course is run over a 12 week period with exams being sat twice a year in June and November. we are abkle to run this course as an in-house course for any company enrolling 10 or more learners.

National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail operations


Wholesale and Retail Operations, addresses skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions. The qualifying learner will to access opportunities for further development and training in the specialised areas of Wholesale and Retail


·  Operations.

·  Administration.

·  Merchandising.

·  Stock control.

·  Customer service.

·  Visual display merchandising.


Perform temporary hair removal by means of waxing and bleaching

The person credited with this unit standard is able to prepare their workstation for temporary hair removal, assess the hair growth and skin of their client and perform the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Learners are able to use strip wax, hot wax, sugaring depilation for the hair removal treatment.

Perform a relaxing back and neck massage

The person credited with this unit standard is able to prepare their workstation and client for a back and neck massage. They are able to record required information and assess the skin and underlying structures in order to perform the message. Learners will be able to perform and manage the massage on the back and neck according set standards.

Identify disorders of the skin and hair

This unit standard will enable learners to explain the anatomy of the skin and hair and correctly identify and refer clients with skin and hair disorders for appropriate treatment.

A person credited with this unit standard is able to:
  • Describe the structure and functions of the skin and hair.

Perform a facial and back cleanse service

Perform a facial and back cleanse service 

The person credited with this unit standard is able to prepare their workstation and client for a facial; they are able to recording relevant information and perform an assessment of the client's skin. Learners are able to use a facial steamer, perform an exfoliation/deep cleansing using the appropriate products and tools. They are able to apply and removing a mask and apply moisturiser on the face and decollete according set standards.

Perform make-up services for all occasions

The person credited with this unit standard is able to plan, prepare and apply make-up services their workstation and client for fantasy make-up application for all occasions.

The qualifying learner is able to:
Prepare a workstation for a make-up service.
Consult, plan and prepare a client for a make-up service.
Perform make-up for a specific occasion.
Provide after-care advice for make-up services.

MSC Business College Kempton Park

MSC Business College Kempton Park is a fully accredited further education provider offering quality diplomas, certificates, and using the latest technology. Programme offerings include Human Resources Management, Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wholesale & Retail, Project Management, Public Relations and Public Finance. Having been around for 26 years and with 17 campuses in South Africa, the MSC Business College is one of the biggest names in education in South Africa.

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We have various products on offer Pathbright / Mindtap / SAM and many others


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Automotive and Financial Institutions: National Credit Act & Institute of Bankers Agents Card

The banking and motor vehicle industry is required to be compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA). 

Intelligo Solutions facilitates a morning workshop with the IOB (Institute of Bankers) exam will be written in the afternoon.  The student will receive a pre-workshop preparation manual on registration ahead of the workshop.

The National Credit Act



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