CBM Training - Advanced Debt Collecting Tactics and Strategies

The collections area is an ongoing challenge. To keep on top of the game and to keep your collections strategies "fresh" and productive, you need to continually update and refresh your knowledge.

This 1 day course will give more experienced collectors an objective view of their work, and give them a much needed refresher, providing insight into how other companies are successfully increasing their collections.

If collecting debt has been your priority, then this course will provide you with some more advanced tactics and strategies that you can use to breathe new life into your daily activities.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

* Understanding the developing role of Receivables in the total business process
* Working within your company's credit policy and how to make it work with you
* Using proactive collection planning and debtor prioritisation to drive collections success
* Collecting particularly difficult debt using proven negotiation and conflict resolution techniques
* Setting collection targets & tracking performance
* Implementing "Innovative" collection timing strategies to ensure your debt is paid first
* Red Flags and Danger signs that point to a criminal debtor or a company that may not be able to meet their obligations

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1 day


R4,350.00 excl VAT