Computer Skills

Internet & Mail

  • Brief History of the Internet
  • Understand The Internet
  • Connecting to The Internet
  • Understand The Internet Screen Layout
  • Use Menus and Toolbars
  • Use World Wide Web Browsers
  • Locate and Keep Track of Good Web Sites
  • Understand & Use Hyperlinks
  • Change The Home Page
  • Understand Cookies
  • Use The Address Bar
  • Create & Use Links
  • Create & Use Favorites
  • Understand & Use The History
  • Use Search Engines
  • Advanced Search Techniques


Start Publisher and understand the screen layout

Open and close menus, use toolbars

Create a new publication using the wizard

Create a new publication using design

Create a new blank publication

Use the Publisher catalogue

Open and close an existing publication

Save a publication

Understand and use save as

Create a text frame

Select a text frame

Connect text frames

Use text wrapping and irregular wrapping options

Insert a picture frame inside a text frame

Group and ungroup frames

Adobe Flash

Import Images

Create Vector Graphics

Modify Vector Graphics

Organise Content with Layers

Modify Colors

Optimize Movies by Using Symbols

Create Mask Effects


Microsoft Word Long Document Workshop

This course targets individuals who need to gain the skills necessary to create long documents such as reports or essays using essential time saving features. You will also learn tips and tricks for quicker ways of working efficiently in Word.

The price includes Manual, Stationery, Refreshments, Certification & Lunch


ABM COLLEGE SA is Accredited and Registered with QCTO HR. Management Studies ,Umalusi Engineering Electrical,Mechanical Enginering and DHET 


Very Cool Ideas Training - expert facilitators and designers.

Professional service and delivery with comparative prices and corporate discounts.

Very Cool Ideas - your number 1 training provider.

During this 1-day Interactive Assessment session the learners, in a group, report on their progress, strengths and review their performance, in terms of the training programme that they attended.

IK Worx IT Academy

Innovative knowledge Worx is a company based in Fourways, Johannesburg that specializes in a variety of services like training and academics. Through  IKWORX an accreditated institution named Innovative Knowledge Worx IT Academy was established in 2017. The IT  Academy is in Hatfield Pretoria and offers training to students interested in information communication technology studies. Our IT academy aims to create leverage for upcoming ICT students and employees by training, examining and certifying IT courses.

Career Builder Programme for E-Entrepreneurship

In a nutshell..
The Career Builder Programme for E-Entrepreneurship equips school leavers and young graduates to take up entry-level opportunities in/as: E-entrepreneur; Small business owner; Digital Marketer; Business coordinator; E-marketing; Web development; Online business solutions; Digital transformation; Small business management; Social media administrator.

Introduction to Gaming Audio

The  Introduction  to  Gaming  Audio  short  course  provides  you with a brief a history to gaming audio and equips you with the tools to design, compose and implement your own gaming audio in a practical manner. During the course, a sample game is made available with the end task to successfully implement a tailored and personalised audio track for gameplay. The course specifically looks into topics of recording, editing, mastering (or audio sequencing), and implementation of audio material in a game world.

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities


This qualification specifies the key skills, knowledge and values required to access engineering and manufacturing qualifications in the Further Education and Training Band.


It provides learners who have no formal qualification with an opportunity for assessment to • Recognise prior learning.

  • Identify gaps, and
  • Structure learning programmes to close those gaps.


The learning required for these learners would be what is typically included in ABET learning programmes.




Learners acquiring qualification will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or working within the logistical activities of a company in a management environment.



· Managing customer satisfaction.

· Measuring and controlling the overall costs of logistics activities.

· Managing the transport function.

·  Managing the warehouse function.

·  Managing inventory and the purchasing function.


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