Coaching and Counselling

Mentoring and Coaching

A Mentor is paired with a junior or inexperienced colleague to assist with their professional and personal development. With the advent of learnerships, apprenticeships and internships in the workplaces the function of the Mentor or Coach has become increasingly important to ensure the success of these programmes.

Our training is aimed at providing theoretical and practical skills to mentors within the organisation allowing them to effectively execute these tasks.

Who should attend?

Coaching and Mentoring for Success

All managers need to be coaches and the skill is key, but so often overlooked as required to get top performance out of the people they lead.  Training and instruction is often not enough to ensure continued productivity; to enhance skills and develop employees when they need it.  Simply managing performance is not enough.

The workshop guides managers to gain a better understanding about what is, how to and when to coach employees and covers the process and skills to be able to do it.  

B and E Conference Centre (Pty) ltd

B AND E CONFERENCE CENTRE (PTY) LTD is an all-inclusive conference and training centre which offers organized, accessible and affordable training space to our clients who are in the skills development and training sector.

We offer a full service including venue hire, catering, stationery, equipment hire and more, which makes us a versatile and convenient venue for our clients.  

Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Aim: This workshop is for supervisors. Content: Introduction and History of Coaching, Definition(s) of Coaching, The Value of Coaching, Important Principles of Coaching, The Qualities of a Great Coach, Key Skills That Every Coach Needs to Succeed, Creating the Coaching Relationship, Understanding Beliefs and Behaviours, Identify Areas of Development in Your Agents, Choosing the Right Tool(s) for the Job, Understand and Follow the Coaching Process, Recognising and Rewarding Behaviour, Engaging Your Agents Through Social Media.

Coaching and Mentoring

This workshop is for supervisors and team leaders, the main aim is to assist them with coaching their team to success in a collaborative fashion. Leaders who are able to coach rather than instruct are able to develop more positive teams and tend to do particularly well when leading Generation Y and in a team - s leadership position.

Mentoring (2-days) (u/s 11911)


To develop the capacity of mature middle and senior managers to mentor subordinates for growth purposes

  • How do I establish mentoring needs?
  • Mentoring, careers and learning
  • Mentoring and talent management
  • Mentoring or coaching?
  • What are mentoring activities?
  • What skills do I need for mentoring?

Coaching and Mentoring | Level 4

A person credited with this unit standard will be able to understand and implement environmental initiatives during all phases of the construction process.

This unit standard will contribute to the full development of a professional community of construction supervisors.

The skills, knowledge, competencies and understanding demonstrated within this unit standard are essential in order to sustain the physical environment and natural resources. It will also ensure that the social-cultural interests of all communities are considered and promoted.


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