Coaching and Counselling

The Learning Development Group

The LD Group offers innovative, flexible, and evolving learning development solutions that transform organisations and individuals.

We design, implement, and deliver services across industries, within the following specialist areas:

  • BBBEE Consulting
  • Disability Management Service and & Sensitization Training
  • Skills Development & Employment Equity Facilitation

Trauma Counselling

The Trauma Counselling short course will enable you as pastor or counsellor to deal with the process of recovery and healing after a traumatic experience. We live in a traumatised society and the church and/or pastoral counsellor is often the only “immediate” resource available for support and guidance. The course focuses on understanding the nature and impact of trauma, with a specific emphasis on trauma counselling as well as care for the caregiver.

Short Course in Life Design Counselling

Design Counselling is an innovative approach in career counselling that has received much attention in Global North contexts but much less attention in Global South contexts thus far. It is essential to address this hiatus. Life design counselling has been shown to help people understand themselves better, design new selves, construct careers, promote action, and imbue a sense of meaning, purpose, and hope in them.

Career Construction Counselling Using Early Recollections

Given the dramatic changes in the world of work and careers, a more up-to-date approach is needed to enable career counsellors and their clients to respond adequately to new developments in careers, career choice and career execution. The workshop in Career Construction Counselling Using Early Recollections will equip you with the skills to integrate the process of career construction and self-construction with the unique factors that play a role in an individual’s life at a specific time and in a specific context, while describing vocational behaviour and its development.

Enhanced GROW Coaching

The short course in Enhanced GROW Coaching provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to apply the GROW coaching model in executive coaching for leadership, management and teams, performance coaching and the structuring of mentoring conversations. The course looks at coaching approaches that are relevant to organisational and personal settings, but specifically focuses on the topics of meaning, purpose and spirituality (particularly workplace spirituality and cultural sensitivity).

Supervisory Management Skills

The short course in Supervisory Management Skills provides you with the necessary knowledge and insights to become successful in any supervisory position by focusing on and improving important managerial skills. As manager or supervisor, you often have to manage various operational aspects as well as the people side of business simultaneously, which can lead to situations of great stress or anxiety.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Imperatives for restructuring the skills development system

The 4IR and COVID-19 have forced us into a new reality, a ‘new normal’ that demands the re-examination of many of our long-held beliefs about work and how we interact with colleagues in our virtual ‘offices’.

This demands that we rethink our ingrained beliefs about how to prepare the workforce for a new world of work.

COVID-19 has catapulted us into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and both are contributing to the rapidly changing workplace.

Applied Sport Psychology: Practical steps for optimising performance and mental toughness

The short course in Applied Sport Psychology: Practical Steps for Optimising Performance and Mental Toughness is a course that has been specially developed for coaches and psychologists working with sports people. The aim of this course is to optimise performance of sport participants and sports teams. During the course you will be equipped with critical perceptions, psychological principles and skills that will give you a better understanding of the psychological dimensions involved in maintaining high performance under extreme pressure.



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