Supervisor & Junior Management

Contract Drafting

Contracts are an inevitable part of commercial activity. Legal relationships are important in various sectors such as the construction industry, employer and employee relationships, purchase and sale transactions, credit agreements, etc. The way in a which a contract is drafted and interpreted plays a huge role in the execution of the obligations it contains. A deficiently drafted contract has serious consequences for parties to the contract and will generally result in material financial loss.

Total Quality Management

In today’s world, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of quality levels, and individuals with the capacity to successfully implement Total Quality Management (TQM) are becoming indispensable assets to any organisation. The Total Quality Management short course will expose you to contemporary knowledge and techniques that will enable you to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace that are in line with the TQM philosophy.

Programme in Maintenance Management

The Programme in Maintenance Management (PMM) provides professionals involved in the maintenance of technical assets with the knowledge and skills set to manage resources and processes more effectively. The programme focuses on topics of condition-based maintenance, managing maintenance workers, managing finances in maintenance, managing maintenance information, maintenance improvement and strategy and risk management.

Programme in Asset and Maintenance Management

The Programme in Asset and Maintenance Management (PAMM) provides you with an integrated and comprehensive training intervention in the complementary disciplines that direct the management and maintenance of physical assets. The programme provides you with a better awareness and tools to shape collaborative efforts that are required to effectively manage and maintain assets across a wide range of technical, engineering, finance, logistics, communications and other functions.

Programme in Office Management for Administrators and Executive Assistants

Programme in Office Management for Administrators and Executive Assistants will provide you with the necessary skills in any administrative or executive assistant role to perform your daily responsibilities more effectively. The programme will assist you in developing your ability to work under pressure, to write and speak with confidence, and to effectively coordinate tasks and events in a fast-paced work environment.

Effective Risk Management

The Effective Risk Management short course is designed to equip you with the relevant knowledge of principles, tools and techniques that would engender overall improved performance in enterprise risk management. You will be exposed to a series of management-related concepts which provide a veritable foundation for the building of the relevant technical skills specific to the risk management environment.

Programme in Construction Adjudication

Adjudication has for several years been implemented by the South African construction industry as the preferred “on-the-run” dispute resolution procedure. The South African High Courts’ robust approach to enforcing adjudicators’ decisions, typified by Mr Justice Spilg’s statement in Esor Africa (Pty) Ltd/Franki Africa (Pty) Ltd JV v Bombela Civils JV that “The court is required to give effect to the terms of the decision made by the adjudicator”, has ensured adjudication has become entrenched in South African jurisprudence.



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