Supervisor & Junior Management

Future Supervisor Development Programme

Purpose of Programme 

To prepare individuals acting in the position of supervisor
for appointment

Target Population

Future /Acting or Newly Appointed Supervisors

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Report Writing Skills

Language is a tool that forges friendships, economic ties, and business relationships. If language is knowledge, then Business Reporting Writing skills allow for this knowledge to be used as the binding agent is business relations. Good use of the English language in the business context is vital if there is to be efficient business practice. Employers and employees can use the skills and techniques of this programme to their advantage by ensuring that what needs to be communicated is and that this is done in an effective manner.

Project Management Foundations

This dynamic, comprehensive course will create a project
management platform for you and your organisation. Learn how
to apply a structured approach to managing your projects, from
inception to completion. You will gain the skills required to manage
your projects on time and within budget, and equip yourself with
a range of tools and techniques. You will also come away with an
understanding of the ten knowledge areas of the PMBOK Guide®.

Classic Seminars

Classic Seminars is originally a South African project management training company which was established in 1998, in Durban. Commencing with Project Management with Microsoft Project class, Dr. Andrew Holden and Philip Russell built up a significant reputation within the engineering and construction industry.

Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making

The Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making aims to assist grantmakers to navigate through the complex process of grant-making that requires cautious thinking and decision making. This programme presents grantmakers with current knowledge and skills that will not only assist with daily responsibilities but would also enhance effective fund distribution to make the relevant difference.

Total Quality Management

In today’s world, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of quality levels, and individuals with the capacity to successfully implement Total Quality Management (TQM) are becoming indispensable assets to any organisation. The Total Quality Management short course will expose you to contemporary knowledge and techniques that will enable you to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace that are in line with the TQM philosophy.

Board of Directors Induction Training

This two-day Board of Directors Induction Training ensures that the directors attain a level of understanding of the business, operations and industry and familiarise themselves with their rights, duties and functions. It further explores the codes of good corporate governance as well as the legislative and regulatory framework guiding the roles and responsibilities of the board and maximises the level and degree of directors’ contribution.



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