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Eskilz Private College

Eskilz Private College was established in 2002. We provide blended learning solutions to corporates to people with disabilities. This year we have launched the dataless elarning platform where all learners can study anytime, anywhere. We are accredited with all SETA's which means we can offer short courses, learnerships and training in all sectors, globally. We also provide all the correct documentation for you to be certified and claim back from SETA through your SDL spend.

Internet-based investigations (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence unlocks the world of the internet to the new breed of Digital Investigator. A varied skill set that is utilised to acquire information around people, places, events and companies is presented in a hands on form. Develop your abilities to find targets online footprint, drill into additional avenues of information stored on the Deep Web. You will learn to map data and perform basic analysis of relationships. Delegates will achieve a detailed hands on experience and take away over 150 online tools for investigative use. 

Introductory Course in Events Management

The Introductory Course in Events Management provides you with a basic overview of events coordination with a strong focus on the events management process at its core. The course covers specific aspects of events management in a variety of industries – with the application of relevant case studies and practical guidelines – that include planning, project and risk management, marketing and budgeting, and event legalities/evaluation.

Advanced Course in Events Management

The Advanced Course in Events Management provides you with more progressive insights to the events management industry and focuses on the business aspects (and the importance of the events manager) to successfully deliver an events project from start to finish. During the course, you will acquire the skills to prepare and present persuasive event proposals, structure and manage an event as a project, and design and implement all aspects of the event planning process.

Effective Risk Management

The Effective Risk Management short course is designed to equip you with the relevant knowledge of principles, tools and techniques that would engender overall improved performance in enterprise risk management. You will be exposed to a series of management-related concepts which provide a veritable foundation for the building of the relevant technical skills specific to the risk management environment. The content has been deliberately created generically to enable ease of contextual application across the public and private sectors.

CBM Training - Marketing (Online Training)

Marketing is not about trying different types of advertising in a haphazard manner. It is about setting out clear objectives and developing an overall strategy - and then implementing various methods and techniques to meet these objectives. It is about analysing how effective these methods are and adapting your strategy to suit your needs, and ultimately drive sales.

Ishango College

Ishango College will empower you to take control of your destiny through world class online courses.

Our distance learning programmes ensure that you can learn while you earn and at your own pace.

If you're in Grade 10-12 and looking to improve your results, or if you're looking to get a degree or diploma without breaking the bank, or even if you're a professional looking to advance your knowledge and skills - Ishango College is your E-Learning solution.

B and E Conference Centre (Pty) ltd

B AND E CONFERENCE CENTRE (PTY) LTD is an all-inclusive conference and training centre which offers organized, accessible and affordable training space to our clients who are in the skills development and training sector.

We offer a full service including venue hire, catering, stationery, equipment hire and more, which makes us a versatile and convenient venue for our clients.  



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